Possible Free Sierra Nevada T-Shirt

I wear this thing all the time. Ask my friend.

I wear this thing all the time. Ask my friend.


Guys, Sierra Nevada is giving away free t-shirts again! As you can see from the picture above, I still have mine and it’s quite well worn. If these are the same shirts they gave away last year, they’re pretty darn comfy.

Obviously since this is from an alcoholic company, it’s only for Hiffers who are 21+. In order to get one, you have to take a picture showing “how Sierra Nevada enhanced your outdoor adventure! It could be around your backyard fire pit or during a recent trip to the mountains. Be inventive; wow the judges!”

Also, I’ve marked this as a contest because technically the fine print says entries “through May 31, 2013 … MAY be eligible for one free t-shirt per person.” So there’s no guarantee. You know me, I don’t usually post free clothing offers because 9 times out of 10 they never come. But at least with this offer they’re upfront about you maybe not getting anything. Though I say these shirts are awesome enough that it’s worth snapping a picture outdoors and rolling the dice.

[Thanks to Hiffer Corine for sending this in!]

  • T

    I am that friend. I can confirm that he wears this shirt all the time.

  • See! You can’t argue with that hard hitting reporting!

  • redryann

    Just be sure to cancel the monthly makeup box from Julep or they will keep charging your credit card.

  • huh?

  • Is this you in the pic above?? It’s nice to be able to put a face to the site! Handsome young man :)

  • kiakat

    love the shirt

  • Breenah

    The ad under the post.

  • Elaine

    Love the site, love the freebies and would love the gift card!

  • kickformoney


  • marie

    my husband loves a good tee and with that he will be advertising, sound good!!!!!! yes we would love to get one

  • Oooooh. They change with every page view. I was quite lost there for a minute.

  • That is me. Thanks for the super kind words, Susan! :)

  • AJB

    The rules state no purchase necessary. Last year the product didn’t have to be included in the photo. I wonder if that’s the same situation this year?

  • AJB

    Does anyone know if “one shirt per person, per household” means two people can still get shirts if they live at the same address?

  • Jose

    he needs to wax his brows.

  • Show us a pic of you, asshat!

  • L

    haha who is down there playing with the arrows?

  • lori c

    They really ARE some epic eyebrows!! :)

  • tori729

    Yes, we got one of these last year and my husband loves it – it’s really comfy!

  • vdragon

    This was a fantastic freebie, my husband loves his shirts, and it’s great for St. Patty’s too! I just uploaded another random picture of me outside with beer and a short story. I hope I get another shirt.

  • lorry

    I got mine thank you very much,love it

  • fares

    how i can get one from this shirts

  • Jonathan Saber

    Hi can I get a free t shirt please :-)

  • Jonathan Saber

    Yes how do you get a free t shirt?