Free Einstein Bros Bagel

Is it safe to assume if I get a free Einstein Bros bagel and shmear with any purchase, I'll become as smart as the titular reference? I could use the extra brainpower to figure out how in the world to fix my dishwasher. I first noticed a problem when I couldn't locate my refrigerator through the sea of bubbles.

If not, I'll settle for his crazy awesome hair.

This freebie is available Wednesday, August 15 only and should be redeemable via your phone. I'd personally download their free mobile app ahead of time since the press release says you have to “show a restaurant app” on your phone.

Don't forget you can also sign up for the Einstein Bros birthday freebie and get some free food every year!

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

14 comments on “Free Einstein Bros Bagel”

  1. Never sure if you’re joking, but if your dishwasher is foaming it’s not a good sign. Guessing the wrong kind of soap since dishwasher soap doesn’t foam. There is a website online that gives out detailed advice on fixing appliances, if you’re brave enough. I’ve used it to fix my washer. Then again, you’re on vacation, so maybe it’s not your own washer??? Ignore it.

    • I appreciate the comment and tip! I was joking though πŸ˜€ However, my brother once absentmindedly put in 3x the amount of detergent while telling us a story and long story short we had a fun hour of mopping up the kitchen floor.

  2. @Marc – Becoming a fan of a company’s page on Facebook does not enable them to access your or any of your friend’s info. For instance, of the 16,000 fans of HIF, I can’t see any info of theirs beyond what they’ve got set to be 100% public.

    Adding a Facebook application is a different story. Those typically are able to pull your information, but again, not your friend’s. As to what happens to the information after you delete the app – well I’m not certain, but I’d guess they still have it.

    Here’s the thing with Facebook. They’re trying their hardest to open up every piece of information on the site to the entire public because that’s the only way they’re going to become massively profitable. Their recent “privacy update,” which did nothing at all to strengthen privacy, is a reflection of the path they’re headed down.

    But think of this: when you sign up for a freebie, what do you give out? Name, address, e-mail, maybe phone number and birthday. That’s pretty much exactly what the typical Facebook profile looks like. So if an app does pull some info and decides to use it, they’ve only got what you would normally give them when signing up for a regular freebie.

  3. Hey Goob.

    What happens if I become a friend of Einstein’s and they pull all my Facebook information and that of my other friends?

    I’m nervous about accepting these Facebook offers for that reason alone.

  4. I stand corrected. There is an Einstein’s about 20 minutes from me! Who knew ( not me obviously)! Had never heard of them! Be back, gonna’ go get a bagel!


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