Free Furbo Dog Camera for Medical Workers

If and ONLY IF you're a medical worker, then you're eligible for a free Furbo dog camera. These cameras retail for $199 on Amazon, so this is a solid freebie! The cameras let you stay in touch with your furry family members (and also small toddlers, let's be real). Using the Furbo mobile app, you get two-way audio and video on your end. This lets you play games with your dog, talk with them, and even shoot treats and snacks out!

You'll need your medical employer and an NPI or license number to qualify for this freebie. And come on, don't lie here! These people are on the front lines holding a pandemic at bay with 1% of the supplies they need. The very least we can do from HIF's end is make sure only Medical Hiffers end up with these.

I have no idea how many of these are available either, but I checked the supplier's Facebook and Instagram and didn't see any mention of this promo having ended.

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