Free Jarritos Webcam Cover

Quick, what's the first thing you associate with Jarritos, the Mexican soft drink brand? The correct answer we're looking for is: online privacy advocate! Duh.

These free Jarritos webcam covers are a must if you have a built-in webcam. Webcam covers are designed to physically block a webcam so that hackers can't turn on your webcam and spy on you. This article is from 2012 and it's only gotten worse since. Webcam covers also use a non-stick adhesive, so you can always remove your cover whenever you actually want to use the camera.

Unfortunately, this freebie is only available on a first-come-first-serve basis and HIF is definitely not the first freebie site to hit it πŸ™‚ Don't be shocked if this doesn't come, but what do we have to lose by trying our luck anyway?

And if you don't get one of these freebies, at the very least fold a slip of paper a few times and tape it over your webcam!

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

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  1. I put a piece of black electrical tape over the hole. I suppose if you had gaffer’s tape, that might work well. I think it is supposed to pull off cleanly and not leave a residue. It’s a rather useful type of tape, for what that’s worth. And why can’t the company making the computer have some gizmo built in that slides back and forth to cover the camera? For that matter, why can’t they manufacture cords that don’t fall apart at flex points and then cost a fortune to replace? Jarritos have anything to save cords? I use gaffers tape, though Sugru is the elegant way to go. Goob, I think you need to get some of these little widgets made up with Your name on them, to remind us to check your website every day.


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