Free Reusable Metal Straw

One small way to limit the waste of disposable plastic straws is to stop using them! Like all other plastic, much of it ends up in the oceans, where it breaks down into microscopic pellets that frequently ends up in sea life. That's what we call No Good.

So, in order to help cut down on this travesty, you can get a free reusable straw made out of … paper? How are we supposed to clean a paper straw? Heck, wouldn't our beverages themselves ruin a paper straw? Am I insane?

Oh, it's made out of metal. That makes so much more sense.

[thanks to all the Hiffers who sent this in!]

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

14 comments on “Free Reusable Metal Straw”

  1. I got my straw in finally. But it sure isn’t reuseable. Barely made it thru a 12 oz drink. I have to drink thru a straw so I was interested in giving a straw made out of another material a chance but I didn’t like the paper straw.

  2. Got my free straw today. Just the straw in an envelope. I expected some advertising with it considering how many e-mails I have received. Actually I bought a set of stainless steel straws which leave a smaller carbon footprint as I can use them forever.

  3. I never received a confirmation e-mail, though after three tries it seemed to accept my request.

    Mark your calendar for two years from today. By that time all chain restaurants will have switched to paper straws.

  4. My request for a straw isn’t going through, but I’m also thinking I have no interest in a paper straw other than to muse over the old days when they were all paper. I think the carbon footprint of mailing a straw is counterproductive and not in the spirit of the movement, so I’d suggest people just look at the info online. (Granted, that has a carbon footprint, too, but this is an information campaign, so the goal is to be informed, somehow.)

  5. How many readers out there are old enough to remember when all straws were paper? I remember. They do just fine for the length of time you’re using them. The reality is, we usually don’t need to use straws; we can drink from the glass just as easily. It’s a good habit now to avoid taking them at the fast food places, or refuse them if a waitperson offers one. The world’s wildlife are worth the small inconvenience.

  6. It doesn’t actually say REUSABLE on the website. Just that its a free paper straw. Pretty sure they’re getting at the fact that paper will break down while the paper straws will not. That’s all.


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