Freebie Review 25 – Explorer’s Bounty Coffee

Happy August (Goob: blame me.) Everyone! It’s been a busy month, but in between working and shopping for school supplies, I was able to get a few reviews out to you…this being one of them! Today we are reviewing one of my fave things, coffee! I can’t live without it and this freebie ranks right up there with the Dunkin Donuts and Starburcks.

The product is called Explorer's Bounty Coffee. (Goob: this freebie sporadically goes up and down.) I signed up for my sample around June 30th, 2008 and it came in the mail on August 1st. The sample they sent me is called “Expedition Inca, Light Peruvian.” It smells amazing…a little nutty with a little spicy thrown in. I have allergies so it might smell different to you! Upon making it, I invited my cousin Amanda and best friend Chloey over to sample it. Sitting down, I had my first cup without anything as not to take away from the coffee itself. Boy I’m glad I didn’t add anything. This flavor is way sweet! Like caramel sweet almost with a little nutmeg. It still has its spiciness but more of a nutty overtone. My coffee panel agreed that it was sweet and spicy also.

Making my second little cup to taste, I added a little cream and it made a difference. It was still sweet, but very mellow tasting. It isn’t strong either, I would say on the medium side. This coffee reminds me of those spring mornings where you have a hint of coolness in the air and the sun is shinning and everything smells very new…lol… This is definitely a good coffee. It falls behind my other favorites but its something I would have again.

This is an organic coffee by the way. You can get it in ground or whole bean and do it up yourself. I checked some local stores, Target and Wal-Mart and they don’t carry it. But some organic shops did, so you might have to shop around or just head over to the website! I have link for you. Click on products and your good to go.

This freebie has long since died on hif and is hanging out in the grave yard (Goob: see edit above.) but if it comes to life again as many do, you will always find it posted up on the forums in the freebies section!

Rating (1-5) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Was disappointed when I saw “reached capacity” but I did get a 13 page recipe PDF book. I bookmarked the site to try monthly cuz the description of her cup of coffee just sounded sooo gooood!

  2. Yeah, that’s what I mean. It died back in July, came back to life later that month, was dead again in August, then was resurrected when I tried to sign up in late August. So fingers crossed it zombifies again soon.


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