Ikea Grad Bash for High School Seniors on June 22

Graduating high school seniors and their families are invited to the 2024 IKEA Grad Bash on Saturday, June 22, from 11am-5pm. The site says to bring some sort of proof of a graduating senior, such as a school ID, graduation photo, report card or other form of documentation.

There will be games, fun activities, contests, giveaways, and more. Some of the games include:

  • Fill a FRAKTA bag, where contestants are given a classic blue bag, along with a shopping list, and must race against the clock to find everything. Winners will be entered into a drawing to take home the entire bag of items for free.
  • They'll also have a LACK assembly race, where the fastest assembler gets a $20 IKEA gift card.
  • There will be a Caricature artist to draw you.
  • Take place in a scavenger hunt where you can win a prize by solving 10 clues.

I was alerted to this by Hiffer Medlinda (thank you!), who had this to add:

My email from IKEA also said, “Visitors who show proof that theyโ€™re a member of the high school graduating class of 2024 will receive a special graduation gift and free hot dog (traditional, plant or veggie) when they visit their local store on 6/22.”

Food and games?! I'm in!

//It was only now that Goob remembered he graduated high school about 900 years ago.

Oh….wait….dang it.

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