Free Love Fragrance

Free Perfume, Cologne, & Fragrance Samples

As you can see below, we’ve found a lot of free fragrance, perfume, and cologne samples over the years. The good news is they’re still very frequently released, as of 2020! While we wait for the next one, here are some classic jokes from the archives. Oh man, I can’t wait to get this free …

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Free Garnier Product Samples

Free Garnier Samples

Garnier holds the rare distinction of being a Top Three Freebie company over the years. Since starting HIF, I’ve posted 83 Garnier freebies and samples! Below you’ll find a smattering of some of our old posts and jokes πŸ™‚ To see a list of all active Garnier freebies, check out Garnier’s offers page. To see …

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Amazon Pets Freebie

Amazon Prime: Free Pet Food or Product!

If you’re an Amazon Prime customer with a furry family member, go make a free Amazon Pet Profile for them! It takes less than a minute and, once completed, you could have a freebie offered on your profile page. Look at the banners under the advertised products to see what you’ll get. My offer was …

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free always infinity sample

Free Always Infinity Pads

The free Always Infinity Pads were given away 9 times from 2006-2012, with the bulk of activity coming during 08-09. Aside from popping up once in 2015, I haven’t seen these in recent years. As always, if that changes, this will be the first place I update! Until then, here’s their free coupons and offers …

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Free Lowe’s & Toys R Us Events on 04/17

I guess these free Lowe’s Build & Grow Clinic are every weekend now, because tomorrow from 10-11am they’ll be building a free flower planter. After your finished playing Bob The Builder, head over to Toys R Us from 11am 1-pm for a free Thomas the Tank Engine event. Okay, I had to put my cat …

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Free Procter & Gamble Coupons and Samples

Free P&G Everyday Sampler Pack

Man, from 2009-2014, Procter & Gamble ran a quarterly freebie campaign called Everyday Sampler and it was awesome. It was like the PINCHme freebie boxes, but you didn’t have to qualify for them. You simply had to be one of the first quarter million or so to sign up and you’d get all sorts of …

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Free John Frieda Wonder Drops Hair Mask

Free John Frieda Hair Products

John Frieda hair product freebies and samples were quite numerous from 2006-2012. They even gave a single freebie away in 2013, 14, 15, and 19. All told, we found 46 different John Frieda freebies over the years! While we wait for the next round of available freebies, enjoy some old jokes! Old HIF Jokes Here’s …

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Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

Free Pet Safety Window Decals

This free ASPCA pet safety pack is a classic offer that’s still active. I posted this free pet window decal first in 2008 and yet here it is, active as ever. If you don’t have a pet rescue window decal up on your house yet, or an Animal Poison Control Center magnet, then I’d definitely …

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An Open Letter To Freebie Giverawayers

Dear Giant Faceless Global Conglomerates, Hi, I’m Goob. You may remember me from such internal memos as “this loser keeps making fun of our dog perfume” and “does anyone know if we still have that hitman on retainer?” I’m here to ask that you, for the sake of my sanity, please stop announcing future freebie …

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Free Nutrish Pet Food

Free Rachael Ray Pet Food

Rachael Ray has a new signup form for free cat and dog food samples of her Nutrish line. You can request. After 3 questions, I was offered to choose from the following samples: Dog Food – PEAK Wetlands Recipe with Chicken, Duck & Pheasant Dog Food – Zero Grain Turkey & Potato Recipe Cat Food …

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Goob has hair again

So About That Cancer…

This awesome news was originally posted on November 24, 2011 Yep, that’s a month of hair and a week of beard growth. And the eyebrows are back! I’m thankful for two out of those three. I’m a private guy by nature. Heck, my sense of humor is a textbook case of having developed as a …

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Petco Free Bag of Dog or Cat Food

Petco: Free Bag of Dog or Cat Food – Nov 9 & 10

Petco is holding an in-store freebie event on both Saturday, Nov. 9 & Sunday, Nov. 10 where you get a free small bag of artificial-free dog or cat food! Stop in at your local store on either day and get your choice of the following: One free 6 lb. or smaller bag of dog food …

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