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Free POW/MIA Recognition Day Poster

Free POW & MIA Recognition Day Poster

This free POW/MIA Recognition Day poster requires an answer to “how are you going to use this poster.” Uhhh … on my wall?

Free Mijello Watercolor Paint

Free Mijello Watercolor Paint

Mijello missed their calling of inventing Jell-o cup pad locks, but I digress. Instead they apparently got into the paint business and are giving away 2 free watercolor samples. It doesn’t say what colors we’ll get and I’m afraid to be stuck with bum colors, like brown and grey, so I specifically requested two colors I just made up: flupe and shrapple.

I bet I get brown and grey.

Free Siemens 2015 Desktop Calendar


Siemens is one of those rare conglomerates that’s reached the Goob Trifecta. Funny name? Check. Seemingly everywhere? Check. No idea what they do? Oh you best believe it. And now they’ve jumped into the freebie world with this free 2015 desktop calendar. I don’t know whether to be happy or scared.

Free Electro Rent 2015 Calendar

This free Electro Rent 2015 calendar has given me a new business idea: rent electricity! It’ll be dirt cheap, but you have to give all the energy back by running in a giant hamster wheel. It’s foolproof!

Free Jeep 2015 Calendar

Free Jeep 2015 Calendar

I’m not quite sure when the transformation took place, but somewhere along the way I went from being an active, rambunctious guy to somebody to blurts “oww, the sun hurts. Let’s go back inside” at least once a month. Maybe this free Jeep Wrangler 2015 calendar will help inspire me to get moving.

The site says you need to have a free Wrangler forum account to receive this, so you may want to sign up there as well if you especially want this freebie.

Free Poetry Poster

I’m excited for today’s free poetry poster mainly for the alliteration as opposed to being a poetry fan. I’m not even sure I could name a single poet. Robbie Freeze? Amelia Ricketson? I know Edward Ellen Pope is a famous one. Oh yeah, Salt Shitman!

Free Merry Christmas Window Cling

Free Merry Christmas Window Cling

Despite the insanely overblown video on this site, I’m a member of the “say whatever you want this time of year” camp, be it Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Blorp McGlavin. So if wishing people at your front door a Merry Christmas sounds good to you, sign up for a free Merry Christmas window cling from CBN. I’ll get looking for one of those Blorp stickers next.

Free Pillsbury 2015 Calendar

Free Pillsbury calendar

As long as you were a Pillsbury member by Nov. 17, you can sign up for a free Pillsbury 2015 calendar. These always go Usain Bolt speed, so good luck!

Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

This classic freebie is still available!

My family always had one of these free ASPCA pet safety pack at every home we lived at. My brothers and I even once put the correct information on them instead of creative insult names for each other!

Free Shalom Israel 2015 Calendar


I won’t lie, the main reason I posted this free Shalom Israel 2015 calendar is so I’d have an excuse to say “shalom” 100 times while trying to come up with a joke. It’s a fun word that leads to more. Shalom! Shellacking! Shama Lama Ding Dong! I could go on for hours in that I’ve actually been doing this for hours. My parents must be beaming with pride.