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Free LED Lightbulb

Free LED Lightbulb

This offer is “today only” and the newsletter has already gone out, so I apologize to those of you reading about this free LED lightbulb tomorrow. My bad. However if you’re lucky enough to be here on Thursday, then go like TCP Lighting on Facebook and you’ll immediately be able to brighten up your life! Hahahaha sorry I’ll see myself out. ((And turns the lights off as I leave.)) ((SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!))

According to their Facebook we have until midnight to sign up.

Free Ontario Outdoor Adventures 2014 Calendar

Free Ontario Outdoor Adventures 2014 Calendar

You’ll need to create an account for this free Ontario outdoor adventures 2014 calendar, but I already had one so I’m guessing we all made accounts on this site last year. Either that or I do some truly weird activities while sleepwalking.

Free 2014 Firewise Calendar

Free 2014 Firewise Calendar

You can tell 2013 is rapidly coming to a close since free calendars are cropping up. Thankfully I qualify for this free 2014 Firewise calendar since I’m a village elder when it comes to fire. I know how to start them and let them rage out of control!

Free Backyard Birds Poster

Free Backyard Birds Poster

Cornell University must be the place to study birds because this is the second year in a row they’ve released a free backyard bird poster. No word yet if they have a special edition poster for NYC residents. It could have a pigeon in one corner and a different color pigeon in the other!

Wait, no, they’re both the same color.

Free 2014 Roadside in Bloom Calendar

Free 2013 Roadside in Bloom Calendar

Every year the state of West Virginia gives away a free Roadside in Bloom calendar and every year I’m reminded that West Virginia ain’t half bad! I hear NYC tried making one of these as well, but it turns out we only have 7 trees that bloom every year.

Free Online Chore Chart

Suckers! This free online chore chart for MyJobChart is supposed to teach kids about hard work, money, rewards and yada yada yada. But all it really does is trick somebody else into doing the dishes, vacuuming the floor, and … what other chores are there? Is dusting still a thing?

Now, how do I go about getting a kid to come do all my chores?

I take it most Hiffers are signup up for parent accounts instead of a child’s. Once you create your free account, you can enter your children, upload pictures of them, and assign them all a password. After that you can start assigning chores, creating rewards, and delegating like a true champion. Your kids will be able to click their picture, enter their password, see which chores they need to complete, and much more.

This actually seems like a really nifty service and one I would definitely use if there were more humans in my home! :)

Free Skoal Bottle Opener

Free Skoal Bottle Opener

Skoal doesn’t typically give out freebies, but they’re part of the old Philip Morris conglomerate, so the same login details you use for Marlboro and other tobacco freebies should work for this free Skoal bottle opener.

Whoever designed this freebie is clearly trolling with us. I don’t know about you, but there’s a 100% certainty I’ll get drunk then walk around my apartment trying to figure out what this key unlocks. It won’t be until the morning that I realize it’s a key to losing my dignity!

[thanks Gimmie Freebies!]

Free House Party Opportunities for August 2013

Host a Houseparty, Get Free Stuff

Do you have friends? Do you like free stuff? Do you mind sharing your free stuff with your friends? Then you should be signing up for every free House Party opportunity under the sun!

There are currently only five parties accepting invites with another seven opening soon.

BeyBlade Battle Bash House Party

  • Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Battle Set (includes 2 figures)
  • BeyWarrior Shogun Figures
  • Basic stadium
  • Beyblade coupons
  • Codes that unlock additional content on BeybladeBattles.com

Bitty Baby House Party

  • Bitty Baby Doll Set
  • Additional picture story book, doll outfit and plush animal
  • Bitty Baby coloring sheets, puzzles, wishing stars and more for your guests
  • Tip sheets for moms
  • And more!

B-Daman Battle Master House Party

  • Break Bomber Battlefield Stadium (includes 2 figures)
  • B-Daman Basic Figures
  • B-Daman Vertigo Spin Arena or Surge Strike Arena
  • Coupon for FREE marble refills
  • B-Daman code cards that unlock additional content on BdamanBattles.com
  • And more!

DISH Hopper House Party House Party

  • “Minute to Win It” games
  • Branded stopwatch
  • Stuffed Hopper plush
  • DISH guest offer
  • Temporary tattoos
  • And more!

Butterball Turketarian House Party (restricted to certain states)

  • Butterball Cookbook
  • Plush turkey hat
  • Butterball apron
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Footballs
  • …and more!

If nothing else, I reeeeeeeeeeealy want that plush turkey hat!

Free Quart of Clark + Kensington Paint

Free Quart of Clark + Kensington Paint

I guess not enough people showed up last weekend because Ace Hardware is giving away free quarts of Clark+Kensington paint again tomorrow, Saturday, August 10. At this rate I should have my entire apartment repainted in a few weeks!

Well, let me clarify. I should have enough paint for my entire apartment in a few weeks. Whether or not I actually paint anything is a different story entirely.

Free Quart of Clark+Kensington Paint

Free Quart of Clark+Kensington Paint

Mark your calendars or, heck, just write on the wall next to you if you plan on getting a free quart of Clark+Kensington paint from Ace Hardware this Saturday, August 3.