Free Gentleman Jack Custom Label

The freebies are a bit dried up today, but there is a free Gentleman Jack custom label offer available on Facebook. This seems more like a gag freebie than anything else, but we can't be picky today. Plus it's not even that bad – you don't have to “like” them and you can make up to 10 custom labels a month!

Now to see if they actually send me the ones I made with curse words πŸ˜€

12 comments on “Free Gentleman Jack Custom Label”

  1. worked for me. used my primary and secondary emails each. made 4 different labels of 5 each. hope they send them.

    really………how many “fill in the blanks” can we can up with!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Went to facebook first, signed in, found page and it worked. WARNING!!! It is only letting me submit once, so must be you can’t make more than one label. Bummer, I only ordered two of the label I made so I could make up more than one saying.


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