Free Tea Samples

Free tea samples have been around forever. They're inexpensive, lightweight to ship, and taste delicious!

Below you'll find some of the older jokes for all the various tea samples we've found over the years!

I really enjoyed the previous free Yogi tea sample that I received. However, I'm not sure if it was because the tea tasted great or because it gave me the perfect excuse to walk around talking like Yogi Bear and repeatedly saying “pic-a-nic basket.”

It's all fun and games until you start to think you're smarter than the average bear. Long story short, we may be smarter, but geez can they run fast. They can even snarl at you while running! And the claws! You don't have to be too smart to know how to use those things.

For all your tea drinkers out there, here is a freebie you might enjoy. Now this isn't Yogi tea as in Yogi The Bear, because that would just be sick and twisted if somebody had actually gone out, captured him, and then turned him into tea. But no, thankfully this is just a brand of tea that lets you pick from four different packages of flavored tea.

I never did get around to learning the Chinese language, so I can only hope that this free Zhong Guo Cha Chinese tea doesn't translate to “free horrendously bad tasting Chinese tea.” Sure, the odds are slim, but you never know. My buddy once got a tattoo of a symbol he thought meant “courage” only later to discover it meant *We're sorry, but we here at the FCC have censored this content and will soon be fining the author $250,000. Sorry for the inconvenience.*

I know, right? His own mom disowned him after hearing about that!

In order to get your free Celestial Tea, you have to become a fan on Facebook and take a short quiz beforehand. But it's totally worth it for some space tea.

I qualified for Mandarin Duck, which I sincerely hope is not a reflection of its contents.

I'm not quite sure what happened just now. I started with saying free Wild Minis tea repeatedly while trying to think of a joke. I somehow ended up daydreaming about an evil wild manatee wrecking havoc off the eastern seaboard.

I've taken an odd liking to tea recently, which is even stranger when you consider how loyal I once was to coffee. But there's something calming about watching the water boil before steeping a strong cup of tea in the morning. I guess that explains why I'm so excited over this free Teekanne tea.

I personally went with Triple Mint Tranquility, but only because its acronym is one letter off from TMNT. I should probably stop making decisions based on my memory of childhood cartoons. Otherwise, it's only a matter of time before I have a son and name him Egon.

There's nothing better than starting the day off with a steaming mug of free Suffuse tea. Well, I guess waking up to find a million dollars scattered across your floor would be better. But then you'd probably freak out wanting to know where it came from.

Unfortunately I've got three words for you: Sleepwalking crime spree. I know, I thought I knew you well too, but turns out your a crazed bank robber every night!

This free FIX energy tea seems right up my alley. My lesser known nickname is Mr. Vila as I can't help myself. I see something broken and there's no stopping me from making it right. Why just last weekend my kitchen table was giving me trouble so I borrowed a chainsaw and yada yada I now eat my meals on the floor. I guess tables are just a little too fancy for me right now.

I tend to work late into the night. If for some odd reason I'm not drinking bourbon, I tend to drink coffee. But I recently discovered this amazing new beverage. It's called “tea” (pronounced like the letter T) and it's great! It's hot, it's tasty, and it doesn't make you stay up until dawn. Go grab some of this free Lipton Black Tea and check it out! Just don't be fooled by the picture above. You can drink it from the comfort of your home, you don't have to lean out the window like a weirdo.

Today is National Iced Tea Day, which is something that shouldn't exist, but whatever. To celebrate, there was a free bottle of Lipton Iced Tea offer on Facebook, but the signup form keeps crashing. So what now? Well, luckily you're a Hiffer and can go straight to the coupon printing page!

I love occasionally subverting freebies โ€“ it's the only time I get to feel like a rebel. I even have a leather jacket and motorcycle for the occasion. Though getting the bike into my living room is a real pain.

The free Lipton tea & honey drink mix Facebook offer comes in one packet. That saves us the burdensome step of mixing honey into our tea, but it also robs us of the wonderful pleasure of squirting honey directly into our mouths. There's always a catch…

I have a solid morning routine that I'm apprehensive to tweak, even if that means forgoing my three free Tea Monger teabags. You don't just tamper willy nilly with such a tried and true formula as mine. Wake up, snooze, wake up again, snooze again, finally roll out of bed once 80 year old neighbors begin yelling at the early morning commercials, shower, laugh at the thought of shaving, stick head out window to check weather, remember I work from home, flip a coin to decide whether or not to get dressed, brew the first of 10 cups of coffee, start working, and finally have friend call at noon to make sure I didn't go back to bed.

See! Pretty darn close to perfection if you ask me.

I normally don't post these types of offers (more on that below), but this free Lipton Tropical iced tea wants us to โ€œsample a trending beverage.โ€

Oh la la, Mr. Fancy Pants over here with his trending beverage. I bet he gets all the ladies with such a hot and fashionable drink. I remember dreaming as a wee little Goob that one day I might be cool enough to get my beverage trending on Twitter. And here we are. My, what an age we live in.

Free Lipton Tea & Honey Drink Mix

Last month's free Lipton tea & honet drink mix offer is back. Prepare to be refreshed in 6-8 weeks, assuming you enjoy tea, honey, mango, and pineapple flavors mashed together!

Actually, that drink above looks horrible. Who wants giant leaves in their drink? And call me crazy, but I think those chunks of pineapple shell might scratch going down.

Here's a free Lipton Tea & Honey To Go offer that's Mango Pineapple flavored. So why do they call the brand Tea & Honey? Who knows, you should ask them. While you're at it, inquire as to why nobody in their industry can properly pour a beverage. Look at that image above. That tea is going everywhere. They're making a freaking mess.

Hey, look, it's the free Lipton Tea & Honey To Go offer again. Honey seems like a weird thing to want on the go. Every time I eat honey, I get it all over my hands and have to spend 10 minutes washing it off.

My Internet has been down all day, so I'm tethering to my phone right now. Some would complain about sluggish speed, but I for one enjoy the occasional throwback, like today's two free Lipton tea k-cups from Walmart. It's fun pretending I'm on AOL again! Now where are all the chat rooms?

Today's free Lipton natural energy tea offer just hit the market. As luck would have, I'm drinking some energy tea right now! However we call it โ€œcoffeeโ€ where I'm from down south.

The classic free Twinings tea offer has returned, so you know what that means! At least I hope you do. I can't figure it out.

Sorry, but this freebie has expired.

However here are five recent freebies still available!

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