Free Amazon Sample Boxes

Amazon Prime Sample Boxes with Full Credit

Amazon Prime's unique “buy a box of freebies, then get credit on those items” campaign got a shot in the arm this month with two new boxes to choose from.

Like before, each sample box comes with 5-20 sample-sized products. Boxes cost anywhere from $4.99 – $19.99, but they're “free” since you get the same amount of Amazon credit to buy similar items. So if you buy the Women's Beauty sample box for $9.99, you'd get $9.99 Amazon credit to buy full-sized versions of the beauty items.

Here are all of Amazon's current Sample Boxes. If you see a price in the widget, then Amazon has that sample box in stock!

Current Amazon Sample Boxes

None. As of 2019, it seems Amazon has sunset this program.

Past Amazon Sample Boxes

If you were planning to buy any of these items in the future, it makes sense to treat yourself today with a little sample box!

Free Music Amazon

Free Music From Amazon

As Hiffer Bethany put it, here's a ton of free music on Amazon from bands and people I've never heard of. But still, free is free and there are over 200 songs here. If I can find one or two to keep in my playlist, I'll count that as a victory!

Heck, if I go 2 for 200 in anything, I consider it a win. That might explain why I always struggled making a baseball team after tee-ball.

The funny thing is that since I started HIF a decade ago, I've download thousands of free songs then promptly forget about them. Months later, iTunes will shuffle past one and it's like a brand new discovery. “Hey, I've never heard this before! Cool, new music!”

What can I say, I get excited over small things. If I find a quarter on the ground, it's easily the highlight of my week.

Cheaper Hearthstone Packs via Amazon

Hearthstone is one of Blizzards best video games and I don't say that because it's free. 😀 What starts out as a simple card game quickly evolves into so much more. It's part strategy, part planning, and a big part luck.

At the heart of Hearthstone is collecting cards and purchasing packs is the quickest way to do so. Each pack comes with 5 random cards for you to keep forever as you battle and build your decks.

Currently, Blizzard charges the following prices in-game.

  • 2 packs / $2.99 ($1.495 per pack)
  • 7 packs / $9.99 ($1.427 per pack)
  • 15 packs / $19.99 ($1.332 per pack)
  • 40 packs / $49.99 ($1.249 per pack)
  • 60 packs / $69.99 ($1.166 per pack)

Better Hearthstone Pack Prices

Meanwhile, Amazon sells Amazon Coins at a $1 to 100 ratio. These coins can ultimately be used to purchase Hearthstone packs in place of your credit card.

In fact, if you make your purchases through Amazon, you only pay the following.

  • 2 packs / $2.97 ($1.48 per pack)
  • 7 packs / $9.70 ($1.385 per pack)
  • 15 packs / $19.40 ($1.293 per pack)
  • 40 packs / $46.50 ($1.162 per pack)
  • 82 packs / $87 ($1.06 per pack) Best Deal!
The prices above only reflect the current 25% discount Amazon is offering on their coins. During many occasions (like when new expansions are released), Amazon increases the discount to 30%-40%!

As you can see, purchasing in bulk via Amazon Coin has significant advantages. In almost every case, you can get the same amount of packs for less money. Meanwhile, if you opt for the biggest stash, you not only get a much better rate but 22 additional packs!

How to Get Cheaper Hearthstone Packs

After purchasing your Amazon Coins, you have to install Hearthstone from the Amazon Appstore onto an Android device. If you don't have access to an Android device, you can use a free Android emulator on your PC. After downloading, install and launch the emulator, then proceed.

Whether on your Android or emulator, your next step is to launch Hearthstone and login to your Blizzard account. Now purchase the packs and you'll pay with your Amazon Coins.

Unfortunately, as of 2018, there isn't a way to pull this deal off on iOs or Macs.

I've been a Hearthstone addict for years and this was new to me, so I wanted to share!

Free Auntie Anne's Pretzel

Free Auntie Anne’s Pretzel on March 3

Free Pretzel Day Monday, April 26, 2021 which means you can get a free Auntie Anne's original or cinnamon sugar pretzel. However, this year we only get freebies if one million people RSVP ahead of time. So far, they're a sliver over 200k, so we've got a ways to go.

Assuming we hit our milestone, head to your local spot from 10am to 2pm and pick up your free Auntie Anne's pretzel.

The only downside is you have to leave your house in order to get the freebie and that means you have to put on pants. And who willingly wears pants during the weekend?

🎂 Birthday Freebie Reminder 🚨

Don't forget to sign up for Auntie Anne's birthday freebie and get a free pretzel every year! 🥨

[thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Redbox Birthday Freebie

Redbox Birthday Freebie

Redbox Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free 1-night DVD rental during your birthday month.
Today's Freebie Free 1-night DVD rental.
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🎂 Don't miss all the birthday freebies available each year!

The new Redbox birthday freebie is tied to their equally new loyalty program. Simply sign up online and you'll instantly get a free DVD rental. You'll also get a free 1-night DVD rental during your birthday month.

You know, something tells me you're gonna love our free stuff on your birthday list.

Coco's Birthday Freebie

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Birthday Freebie

Coco's Bakery Restaurant Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free slice of pie
  • Dessert
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I'm happy to confirm Coco's Bakery Restaurant birthday freebie is a free slice of pie with no purchase necessary! When I first started HIF, my dream was to one day receive free desserts. We've made it, Goob. Time to bask in the limelight.

Wait, I mean key lime pie.

I can't seem to find a signup freebie in my inbox though, so if any Hiffers join today and receive an welcome freebie, please let me know in the comments.

If you enjoy other free food, check out our most popular section of the site: a full list of verified birthday freebies that you can get every year.

Free Mijello Watercolor Paint

Free Mijello Watercolor Paint

Mijello missed their calling of inventing Jell-o cup pad locks, but I digress.

Instead, they apparently got into the paint business and are giving away 2 free samples of their Mijello watercolors. It doesn't say what colors we'll get and I'm afraid to be stuck with bum colors, like brown and grey, so I specifically requested two colors I just made up: flupe and shrapple.

I bet I get brown and grey.

Maggiano's Little Italy Birthday Freebie

Maggiano’s Little Italy Birthday Freebie

Maggiano's Little Italy Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer $10 off any check over $30
  • Other
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I try to make the most out of living in New York every chance I get. From Central Park to Chinatown to a deranged stranger shouting about applesauce on the subway, there's always something interesting to check out. One spot I hadn't been to in a while was Little Italy, so when I saw this freebie in my inbox, I grabbed my coat and ran out the door.

Let me tell you, the Maggiano's Little Italy birthday freebie involves more than just going down to Little Italy and shouting “it's my birthday!” over and over. You have to actually go into a Maggiano's restaurant! The more you know.

Free Game of Bowling

Free Bowling

2021 Update: Unfortunately, this free game of bowling offer has expired. However, the annual kids bowl free during summer deal is back!

GoBowling and Pepsi are offering coupons good for a free game of bowling through 1/31/18. They're worth up to $6, don't include shoe rental, and must be redeemed between 8:30am to 5:30pm.

I guess my main question is who in the world is bowling before 8am?!

You can search for participating locations here.

“Fun” sidenote, I first published this offer in 2005. If this freebie was a human, it'd almost be a teenager and that blows my little mind.

Free Chipotle Guacamole Chips

Free Chipotle Guacamole & Chips

If the possibilities of E. coli, norovirus, salmonella, Campylobacter, or hepatitis doesn't scare you, then make sure to snag a free order of Chipotle guacamole & chips with the purchase of an entree. Mmmmm, salmonella and guac, just like mom used to make!

I kid, I kid. I will 100% redeem this freebie and enjoy every last bite of it.

In order to get your free coupon, simply their app for iOs or Android and place your first order through the app before 12/21/17. This freebie is only for new users of the app.

[thanks to all the Hiffers who sent this in!]

Free Panda Express Entree

Free Panda Express Entree with Any Purchase

Now through the end of the year (well, almost, 12/30/17), you can get a free Panda Express small entree dish with any online purchase. This means you can order a cheap small drink, side, or appetizer and you get the entree for free, making this a super cheap meal.

You'll need to use promo COMFORT during checkout.

Free Movie Ticket

Free Movie Ticket from Marlboro

Marlboro is giving away a free movie ticket by logging in and clicking the giant “Wilds for Winter” image that appears on the homepage. I'm certainly not “wilds” for any season where I have to close the blinds and turn on lights at 3:45pm, but I guess a free movie ticket is a decent consolation prize since I'm already in the dark for 90% of winter.

If this is run like Marlboro's previous free movie ticket offers, you'll get an emailed code that can be redeemed on Fandango. Last year the code was worth up to $13.