Free Staples Black White Copies

Staples: 50 Free Black & White Copies

Staples has an offer only available through Saturday, July 4, where you can get 50 free black & white copies with free in-store pickup!

Everyone has a part to play—to support parents juggling working from home and homeschooling, we're offering free printouts on anything from homework to coloring pages, and curbside pickup in 90% of our stores

This seems like a great deal for some homemade coloring pages or educational material. Heck, maybe you just need 50 pages of “Don't worry, everything will be fine” printed over and over.

Free Baby Stuff Samples and Freebies

🤰 Ultimate Guide to Baby Samples, Freebies, & Discounts! 👶

More Baby Freebies Still Being Added!

This page is still under construction, but I've already found so many freebies that I wanted to publish them all! Since the pandemic started, I've literally found new offers to add each time I've worked on this.

I'll remove this notice once I believe I've found every baby freebie available. Until then, enjoy and congratulations!

I'm going to come right out and admit it: I've never had a child. But I did grow up in a household full of kids. And I have tons of friends with one kid to … like, seven? 😬 I can't even begin to imagine the amount of work, time, energy, and money it takes to have a baby. Diaper a child costs approximately $1,000 a year! Show me a parent who doesn't want free diapers and I'll show you a liar!

That's why I put together this huge list of baby freebies. You can get free baby stuff from dozens of places just by asking or signing up.

I've grouped all the free baby stuff by categories and how you get them. Most of these free samples come by mail, but a few require you to pick up your freebie at a local store.

Free Baby Samples

First up are the straight up free baby samples. No, not samples of babies, but samples for babies.


Their free Family Beginnings program offers up to $400 in free gifts! The free gifts for you and your baby are spread throughout your pregnancy, baby's first year and into toddlerhood. Freebies include belly badges to share special moments and formula samples.

As I've written about before, you can also get free Enfagrow Toddler Formula nutritional drink samples. Enfamil will also send you up to $130 in coupon, samples, tips for cow's milk allergy management and more.


Signup for a free MyGerber account and they'll send baby discounts and free products throughout the year. Each year they also send out occasional items like free coupons, baby food, and other cool stuff like free bibs!

Gerber also has a cool baby AI chat named Dotti available 24/7. It won't replace the advice of professionals, but I've known a few first time parents who needed some reassuring help from time to time. When one of my best friends had his first child, he texted me asking if he should be worried that his baby's vomit smelled weird. 🤣 Turns out, he was just sleep deprived.

Similac Formula

If free baby formula sounds good to you, then sign up for Similac's StrongMoms Rewards program. They'll send out free formula samples and baby formula coupons with up to $400 in savings.


Vitafol has a free 12-day sample offer kit of their prenatal vitamins.

“This medication is a multivitamin, mineral, and fatty acid product used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency before, during, and after pregnancy. Vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are important building blocks of the body and help keep you in good health. This combination product also contains iron and folic acid.”

Wait, fatty acids are important building blocks for babies? My mom ate all those LEGOS for nothing…

Baby Registry Freebies

Multiple big box retailers have baby registries on their websites. When expecting mothers or fathers create a free registry, they'll receive stuff like free diapers, tons of baby product samples, and unique high value coupons not found anywhere else.

Free Amazon Baby Box

  • Free Welcome Box with $35 worth of samples for both the baby and the parents.
  • 10% off registry items, 15% off for Prime members.
  • Full 1-year return window on all items purchased from your registry.
  • Universal Registry means you can add any item from any website to your list!

Amazon's baby registry starts us off with their free welcome box for Prime members. In order to receive this freebie, you'll need to purchase at least $10 worth of items from your registry. You can purchase the items yourself or have others buy them, either way works.

If you're not a Prime member, you won't be able to get the free welcome box. However, you'll still qualify for the free discounts, extended return window, and bonus diaper discounts.

Free Target Baby Kit

Target is next up with their free baby welcome kit packed with over $120 worth of coupons and samples. This is by far the highest-value baby welcome kit I found, but you will have to pick it up in-store.

Target also has a baby items clearance page with frequently updated discounted baby deals.

  • Free Welcome Kit with $120 worth of products and savings.
  • 15% discount on any items left in your registry, 8 weeks before the baby's expected arrival.
  • Universal Registry means you can add any item from any website to your list!
  • Easy gift tracking to see who gave you what and who you've already thanked.

Free Bed, Bath, Beyond Baby Goody Bag

Bed, Bath & Beyond give away free baby goody bags with samples, coupons, and a copy of their Registry guide. It's for pick up in stores after you create a registry and you get a 10% completion discount off your unpurchased registry items.

Free Walmart Baby Box

Our final Big Box Store offer comes from Walmart. Their bundle of baby essentials contains $40 worth of samples and freebies.

  • Free Baby Welcome Box worth $40 in savings.
  • Full 1 year return window on registry items.

Signing up is easy. All you need to do is head here and create a free baby registry. Then reload that page and look for the “FREE Welcome Box” image. Click it, fill out your info, and your free baby box will arrive in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

Free buybuy BABY Baby Bag

If you thought the baby registry freebies were finished, think again! buybuy BABY also has a free baby goody bag with samples, coupons, and a complimentary registry guide. Similar to Target's offer, the buybuy BABY goody bag is only available in-store.

Free Motherhood Baby Pack

Last up is Motherhood Maternity's baby registry. They give out sample products & exclusive offers from Motherhood, A Pea in the Pod, Destination Maternity, and other partners.

  • Up to $1500 in savings over 12 months.

From what I gather, Kohl's used to have an in-house baby registry program that offered a free kit. However, they've since discontinued their entire baby registry program.

Are you aware of any major baby registry freebies I missed? Please let me know in the comments or by email!

Free Baby Products

Free Breast Pump

One of the provisions under the Affordable Care Act requires all health insurance plans to cover the cost of a breast pump. It can either be via a rental unit or one you keep, but either way your insurance company is legally required to provide it.

If you're already paying for your free breast pump in month premiums, then be sure to get it!

Many health insurance companies offer either the Medela Pump In Style or Ameda Purely Yours pump. Be sure to check your health coverage plan and call your insurance company to find out which free breast pump you qualify for.

Free Birth Announcements

Unfortunately, while free birth announcements were once a common staple in the freebie world, they've dropped off a cliff recently.

One frugal idea is to use the frequent custom photo print freebies to make your own free announcements. These are regularly given away each month.

Read more

Free Disney Bedtime Phone Call

Free Disney Bedtime Phone Calls

The Disney Bedtime Hotline is back through Thursday, April 30 at midnight PT. This free bedtime phone call is designed to help bring a little pixie dust to fans and families everywhere. Oh great, pixie dust gets everywhere. And I just freaking vacuumed…

Parents or fans can call 1-877-7-MICKEY for one of five special messages from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck or Goofy. You only get 1 message per call, but you can always call back for more.

ShopDisney also has free Sleep Activity Cards and Sleep Progress Charts. These are free printouts are meant to help your kids develop fun, good bedtime activities. I'm also seeing a free activity book and coloring sheets available to download and print.

Free Sheetz Kids Meals

Sheetz: Free Kids Meals Bags

For a limited time, Sheetz convenience stores are giving away free Kids Meals Bags with no purchase necessary. Each day at all 600 Sheetz locations (in MD, NC, OH, PA, VA, WV), families in need can get a free bagged lunch for their children. Bags include a turkey sandwich, chips, and drink.

Meals are limited to one bag per child and are available daily while supplies last.

Free LEGO Frozen 2 Build Event

Next Free Barnes & Noble Kids Event

On Saturday, November 23 at 2pm, Barnes & Noble is hosting a free LEGO Frozen 2 Build Event. This free kids event is geared towards kids ages 8-12 and they get to build & take home their own LEGO castle. Make sure to register today, since space is limited.

Don't think Barnes & Noble forgot about the parents though! These events typically give a free Starbucks tall, hot or iced coffee at B&N café stores after registering.

Free Sensory Love Note Stickers

Free Sensory Love Note Stickers

Kellogg's and Rice Krispy Treats have teamed up with Autism Speaks to offer free sensory love note stickers specifically designed for children on the autism spectrum. These reusable stickers of love and support are great for children who draw comfort from touching soft textures.

Rice Krispies Treats knows that love and support are the most important school supplies. Our write-on wrappers let parents send loving messages in kids’ lunchboxes. But not every child communicates love through words.

We partnered with Autism Speaks to create touch-and-feel sensory ‘Love Notes’ so children like SJ can actually feel a reminder of love from home. So, they too can take on new transitions with extra support.

Your free 4 pack of stickers should arrive in 6-8 weeks.

The site also has braille love and support stickers, but you'll need to use 100 Kellogg's Reward Points to get them.

Free LEGO Building Instructions Guides

Thousands of Free LEGO Building Instructions!

In addition to the free LEGO magazine, which deserves a spot in the Freebie Hall of Fame at this point, did you know you can now access most LEGO instructions online? There are tons of digital building guides offered by the official LEGO company in pdf form, accessible in your browser on your computer or phone!

Free LEGO Instructions Database

The first place to start is this free LEGO instructions database where you can search and download thousands of free LEGO guides!

Their database has instructions going back to 1989 – back when I was first building LEGOs as a kid! There's all sorts of cool stuff in here and while many of the large sets have unique pieces, you can build a lot of stuff with just a random box of LEGO pieces. You can search by topic or, more easily IMHO, object. I found over 60 cool guides for “helicopter” and “boat.” There were over 250 instructions for “car” alone!

Jobs or tasks are other good searches to find new digital building manuals. “Police” returned 160 free guides for all sorts of cops & robbers toys. Meanwhile, “Fire” gave me 156 free fire-fighting builds to download. Trademarks are the last great search. “Star wars” has 503 free LEGO guides. “Potter” returned 67 wizarding toys. You get the idea.

This free database is a great option to both dig up old guides from your childhood and discover new instructions to build!

Free LEGO Creative Building Kits

If you're anything like me, you also have a box full of LEGO bricks mixed together from a variety of different sets. In that case, you might enjoy these free Creative Bundle Box instructions.

Starting in 2021, LEGO released a new website offering of LEGO® Classic Building Instructions. These are all free bundles with tons of building instructions per kit. Each kit usually has 4 to 26 guides that often have a similar themes. Click through on each of the following kits to see a full list of items and download the .pdfs or use the links below.

  • 11001 LEGO Bricks and Ideas – 4 free guides: Create a classic steam train, cozy house, cool music keyboard, cute red dinosaur or whatever toy you can imagine!
  • 11002 LEGO Basic Brick Set – 7 free guides: Meet a knight on horseback and a friendly dinosaur. Perform stunts in a cool monster truck or take to the skies in a classic propeller plane. Create a cute dog, bird in a birdhouse or whatever you can imagine with these bright and colorful LEGO bricks, wheels and eyes!
  • 11003 LEGO Bricks and Eyes – 9 free guides: Have fun creating all kinds of characters with all sorts of eyes, from a sleepy sheep with tightly closed eyes to a goggle-eyed pumpkin or a cute pink rabbit with spinnable eyes!
  • 11005 LEGO Creative Fun – 10 free guides: Create all kinds of fun toys, from a spin top to a cute dog or a friendly lion. Then get to work on an old-fashioned typewriter, skim over the waves aboard a bright pink water scooter or head for the skies in a vintage biplane—the choice is yours!
  • 10717 LEGO Bricks Bricks Bricks – 10 free guides: Set sail on a mighty galleon to an ancient castle where a frog prince resides. Create a beautiful country house, a gramophone with a spinning turntable, a classic red telephone or a cute elephant with its baby—the possibilities are endless!
  • 10713 LEGO Creative Suitcase – 10 free guides: Have fun creating cute creatures, cool cars, cozy houses and whatever else you can imagine.
  • 10712 LEGO Bricks and Gears – 10 free guides: Create a bright and colorful world of moving models and fun functions with these exciting guides. Build a helicopter with spinning rotor, a carousel, a swinging monkey, bright sunflowers that turn their heads or a funny owl with moving eyes.
  • 10696 LEGO Medium Creative Brick Box – 24 free guides: With a mad mix of bricks, windows, eyes and wheels, this LEGO Classic set is bursting with creative possibilities. From a space shuttle to a windmill, a toaster to a tiger, these awesome quick-build models are a great way to get started.
  • 10698 LEGO Large Creative Brick Box – 26 free guides: Download free building instructions and celebrate Christmas and other public holidays with buildable LEGO® toys! And that’s not all, there’s a camera, teddy bear, excavator, castle, locomotive… enough quick-build LEGO creativity to keep kids busy all year long!
  • 10692 LEGO Creative Bricks – 11 free guides: Dig into this selection of LEGO bricks and let your imagination run away with you! The building possibilities are endless, with classic bricks in 29 different colors and special pieces including doors, windows, wheels, eyes and propellers. And if you don’t know where to start, you can find instructions with some ideas to get you going. This is an ideal set to help budding builders of all ages get creative, and would complement any existing LEGO collection.
  • 10693 LEGO Creative Supplement – 10 free guides: Give budding LEGO builders a great start with these awesome quick-build LEGO toys. There’s a dinosaur toy, robot, shark, pirate ship, jet airplane, a rocket… Simply download the free building instructions and watch kids’ imaginations soar!
  • 10694 LEGO Creative Supplement Bright – 10 free guides: From butterflies and flowers to guitars and cakes, this set of build guides are designed for builders of all ages.
  • 10703 LEGO Creative Builder Box – 6 free guides: Create beautiful houses, exciting shops, cozy cafés, ornamental pagodas, magical castles and more.
  • 10704 LEGO Creative Box – 9 free guides: Build a world of cars, boats, buildings and creatures.
  • 10706 LEGO Blue Creativity Box – 3 free guides
  • 10707 LEGO Red Creativity Box – 3 free guides.
  • 10708 LEGO Green Creativity Box – 3 free guides.
  • 10709 LEGO Orange Creativity Box – 3 free guides.

I don't know how long these free guides will last, so I would download the .pdfs today! That way if they ever delete these digital manuals, you'll still have access to them again in your own personal library.

Free LEGO Mini Build Instructions

From 2008-2020, LEGO offered monthly free mini build instructions that are super easy to build with generic LEGO piece. Somebody collected over 12 years worth of these free guides and you can view & download them all here! With only a handful of generic pieces, you'll learn how to build a frog, truck, airplane, or something similar.

All of these instructions are trademarks of the LEGO® group.

Free LEGO Instructions App

Finally, LEGO has a new app called Brickit that scans your pile of LEGO pieces and tells you what to build! This is the future my 8 year old self always dreamed up.

Hopefully with these free resources, you can put your old collection of LEGOs back to good use and enjoy many more years of fun with them.

I'll admit, I still have a box or two of LEGOs still lying around! I can't wait to build some of these old school LEGO designs, even if the colors might be slightly off 😀 If this sounds fun to you or your kids, be sure to check out all the free LEGO guides.

Free Bass Pro Shops Summer Family Event

Free Bass Pro Shops Kids Events this Summer

The next free Bass Pro Shops kids events for 2023 haven't been announced yet, but their Family Summer Event page says “info coming soon!

In years past, these free events are held over four consecutive weekends at your local store on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday during the scheduled hours. They'll be able to take part in all sort of free events, crafts, and games. Plus they'll be able to take home prizes and freebies!

The schedule of events is typically huge and literally changes each day. But it'll all be listed on their site!

So check out the full schedule of activities for all upcoming dates, then plan accordingly!

Free Huggies Rewards Points and Codes

Free Huggies Rewards Codes & Points

Similar to Pampers and Kellogg's, Huggies Rewards is a free program that lets you earn points after purchasing Huggies products or completing online tasks. You can then use these points to redeem coupons, rewards, and freebies.

Huggies typically gives away 10 free points for every dollar spent on Huggies products.

Current Free Huggies Points

As of date of publication, you earn 500 free Huggies Rewards Points just for signing up! That's equivalent to spending $50 on Huggies products, but you get the points simply for joining.

Huggies used to give out tons of free codes back when this was called the Huggies Enjoy the Ride program. However, in recent years, those free codes have dwindled. If they ever return, I'll be sure to list them here!

Free Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Family Trial

Deal: Free Amazon Kids+ Family Month Trial

For a limited time, Amazon is offering a free month trial to their Kids+ Family Plan. Kids+ is their all-in-one subscription plan which gives kids access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, Audible books, and games. They also receive hundreds of hours of fun with ad-free radio stations and playlists, Audible books, and a growing list of premium kid’s skills available on compatible Echo devices.

On top of that, parents get access to easy-to-use parental controls letting them find the right balance between education and entertainment. Personalize screen time limits, set educational goals, filter age-appropriate content, and also manage web browsing and content usage based on their preferences.

Free Amazon Kids Programming Trial Deal

Starting at $2.99/month after the free one-month trial, Kids+ gives kids content from tons of companies, like Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, PBS Kids, and Cartoon Network. They also have different sections targeted to three main age groups:

  • Ages 3 to 5
  • Ages 6 to 8
  • Ages 9 to 12

I don't have kids of my own, but something tells me summer months are the perfect time to test this service out. 🙂 Make sure to have a compatible Fire, Android, iOS and Kindle device to use this, listed on the site.

Any Hiffers tried this out yet? What do you and your kids think of it?

Free Kids In-Store Events Schedule

Calendar of Next Free Kids In-Store Events

It can get a little confusing keeping track of all the great, free in-store kids events. So I've put together this comprehensive list of all the stores we track!

Apple – Their summer Apple Camp is already back for 2021.

Bass Pro Shops – Their summer events typically run throughout June, July, or August.

Home Depot – These monthly events are held from 9am-noon on the first Saturday of each month. They're designed for children aged 5-12 and pre-registration is required.

JCPenney – The Kids Zone events are each month on the second Saturday. They include a freebie to take home, ID badge, lanyard, collector's pin, and more. Parents also receive a free 10% coupon good for that day online.

Lowe's – Their free monthly kids DIY events are back as of 2021! Registration opens a month early and then you pick the kits up curbside at your local Lowe's.

Lego – These monthly-themed events have recently shifted to varying days, depending on your local store. But kids still get to build a take-home LEGO toy. Some Hiffers have reported their local Lego stores have already phased these events out, so please make sure to call ahead!

Michaels – Their Kids Workshops recently started charging $1, but many of their summer dates are back to being free!

Target – They're monthly events are held on random Saturdays, usually near the end of the month, during late morning hours. They're often related to upcoming kids movies or events, with free games, prizes, and giveaway.

Know of any repeating, free in-store kids events I should start covering? Please let me know in the comments!

Free LEGO Mini Model Event

LEGO Building Event: Space Ship Blast Off

Registration is now open for the next free LEGO Make and Take event! During June, kids get to build a free spaceship to launch in to space and then take home.

This continues the new format where LEGO Stores offered their free events on multiple days! These monthly mini build events are open to children ages 6-14 only and slots are limited, so you have to reserve a space before they run out.

Now for the bad news. For some weird reason, LEGO recently changed how registration for these events work. You no longer can register online, but must register in-store first. Kinda crazy if you ask me! Hopefully they revert this policy ASAP because how many of us have time for in-store registration? Each store has approximately 120 free LEGO kits per night and time reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.

I see no mention of registration for June, so perhaps they killed this draconian in-store registration plan from May? Either way, I'd call ahead and ask!

Also, I've noticed a few super cheap items lately in LEGO's sale and discount section. If you have a little one with an upcoming birthday who loves LEGOs, it might be worth scoping out.