Goob Is Gone Giveaway Winners

Get that nasty foot away from me!

Get that nasty foot away from me!

I’m back from Wakarusa and had a freaking blast despite mother nature’s intention. As a present for my absence, I won’t dilly dally or launch into a longwinded pointless story that only serves to delay announcing the winners!

The two winners from last week’s Goob Is Gone giveaway are:

Angel – scy…
Linda – kid…

I’ve emailed both and will send the cards out tonight. Thanks to everybody who entered and thanks for all the entries!

  • Beth

    Goob, I’m happy you had fun and I’m glad your back! Congrats to Angel and Linda!

  • Beth

    Oops…that should have said “I’m glad you’re back”. Darn homophones. I know the difference but my fingers do not.

  • Brian

    It’s a bigfoot… goony goo goo!

  • pmsing2407

    Glad you had fun and safe travels…congrats to the winners =)