HIF Winner: Free $20 Amazon Gift Card

HIF Giveaway Free Amazon Gift Card

I’m safe and sound back home, meaning it’s time to pick a winner from yesterday’s free $20 Amazon gift card giveaway.

The winner?


Rebecca Mc! If she doesn’t get back to me within 24 hours, I’ll pick a new winner.

I read each and every comment (at least I think I did). Thanks for all the smiles and jokes! And yes, for future reference, I stripped out all the duplicate comments. There were only 1334 entries once I cleaned things up.

  • Omg I thought it was me :( lol congrats Rebecca MC

  • Kelsey Chlebowski

    Aww good for her!!! That was so sweet of you :)

  • Congratulations Rebecca MC! :)

  • Danielle r

    Congrats to her

  • congrats Rebecca MC

  • Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats Rebecca!

  • Serena

    Congrats Rebecca Mc.!

  • Congrats Rebecca Mc :)

  • connie

    Nice! Yay to the winner and a big yay to you.Very nice thing to do!

  • Cruiser3

    Well if it wasn’t me I’m glad it was Rebecca … whoever she is.

  • tess

    congrats to Rebecca and mucho thanks for thinking of us Goob!

  • Goob

    she sucks so yeh

  • Rebecca Mc

    YAY I WON how do I get it Goob???

  • Congrats Rebecca Mc!

  • Louis

    Thanks for the giveaway. Congrats Rebecca! Don’t spend it all in one place!

  • Congrats Rebecca

  • congrats!!!!

  • srg1

    Congrats Rebecca Mc!!!!!

  • Haha I thought it was me as well.