Try Your Luck Thursday, Rebooted

Long ago I used to run a series called Try Your Luck Thursday where I’d post a list of cool (and free, duh) contests to enter. There’s no guarantee you’ll win; in fact, by their very definition, you probably won’t. BUT! Just think if you did. I know one Hiffer won a Harley Davidson motorcycle and another won a trip to Cabo or Hawaii or some other tropical paradise.

So check out the contests below and try your luck! What do you have to lose?

$1,000,000 from PCH – Not only can you win a million dollars, but you’ll get $5,000 per week for life. The winner will be announced like November 26th on NBC.

Look, if any Hiffers out there win this, I want a small cut. Heck, just buy me a new computer!

Milk from The Breakfast Project – Every minute through October 17 somebody wins a free gallon of milk through this sweepstakes. They’re giving away 82,080 total, so I’d try playing it late at night!

2013 Skeeter FX 20 boat from Gander Mountain – I don’t do much fishing, but I’d let my friends borrow this every weekend as long as I got to ride up front and drink beer all day.

$15,000 from PCH – Multiple entries are allowed for this $15,000 contest now through the end of August.

ASUS VivoBook X202E Windows 8 touchscreen laptop from Make Use Of – If you win this, you are contractually obligated to make HIF your default website in every browser on it. Don’t ask me what I had to do in order to get that inserted into the fine print.

1 of 15 gadget-filled bags from Edgadget – While we’re at it, here’s another blog giving away some cool tech. Each bag will contain a laptop, digital camera, tablet, smartphone, and more. Holy moly!

A trip for four and $1,200 from Comfort Inn – How come Greensboro and Charlotte are the same? Are they really both so similar?

A trip to South Africa from Mike’s Hard Lemonade – Not only do you get a trip abroad, but you get to go swimming with sharks. Wait, that’s a prize?!

AARP Treasure Hunt

$10,000 from AARP – Find the golden coins hidden within the pages of for a chance to win $10,000 or one of the iPhones they’re giving away each day.

Keurig Coffee Brewer from the knot – The grand prize is actually a sweet vacation, but I’m more excited for the 10 free Keurig’s being handed out. Good luck, @SeriousOne1975!

A BMX bike from Journeys – Now through September 15 enter to win a Vans X Haro Bike. It’s guaranteed to be more cool than the pink Huffy I ride around town.

$5,000 from ACT Kids – ACT Swish ‘n Splash is giving 1 winner $5,000 dollars, $500 for 5 runners-up, and 1,000 prize packs for the rest of us.

Ford Mustang from Edelbrock – The previous offer I posted is for military personnel only. This one is open to everybody.

1 of 500 Amazon gift cards or a Wii U from Dip.Eat.Play – Just think, if you win the Wii U, you’ll make somebody’s Christmas dreams come true! And by somebody I mean me.

Alright, I think that’s enough for now. Good luck!

  • Christine

    The Mustang RTR contest is only for military personnel

  • tess

    anyone have the needed promo code for Mike’s Hard Lemonade?

  • Goob

    There should be a link on the form that says:

    “Don’t have one? Click to get one.”

    It will give you a code.

  • Goob

    Ah geez, my bad, completely overlooked that one.

  • josh72484

    Would love to see this as a regular feature. Thanks for posting this.