Two Random Free $25 Gift Cards

A) I’m bored.
2) I can’t find any freebies.
III) I missed a few on Tuesday since I was busy and feel bad.

So to make up for all that I’m giving away two free $25 gift cards to Amazon. I also want an excuse to test out this Rafflecopter thingamajig below. If it works as seamlessly as they promise, then it’ll be way easier for me to run contests in the future! The contest ends Friday, April 26, at 2pm EST and I’ll announce the winners right after that so that they’re included in tomorrow’s newsletter.

I created three ways to enter. You can leave a comment, make a tweet, or like HIF on Facebook. Each is worth 1 entry and you can mix & match any way you want. Tweet and comment. Just like HIF on Facebook. Or do all three! The combinations are literally endless!

Just a minute. Oh. I’m being told there are only 7 possible combinations. Now you understand why I write and tell jokes for a living instead of doing something important like building bridges or administering medicine.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Jenn

    The best freebie I ever received was a full-size bottle of Tide detergent (coupon). Whoo!

    Thank you for the giveaway. :)


  • ***Erica***

    first one here hope to win

  • Melina

    Tampons man. Tampons.

  • Kathy Coleman

    Excedrin Migraine!!!!!

  • Stuart

    thanks for the giveaway! Hope to win!

  • Charli Gamble

    Awesome! I’m a huge reader, so these would be great. :) The best freebie I’ve ever gotten? Hmmm, probably the facial cleanser I got to try out for a review – that stuff is awesome. :)

  • azjct

    love what you do…thanks!!

  • Alena

    Pick me!!!!!!

  • Tina Quick

    awesome giveaway

  • Nicole Kurtz

    Free laundry detergent :)

  • Rachel Springsdorf

    This is exciting

  • Jade

    best freebie…a ton of razors!

  • Mirishikiari Goforth

    Free subscription to Wired and Smithsonian. Frikkin sweet. Thank you HIF!

  • Kelly Jean

    Heyitsfree has become a part of my daily routine. Don’t know what id do without it!! As a grad student, you have saved my life financially!

    Would loveee to add an amazon gift card to my list of why heyitsfree is the best site of it’s kind out there!!!

  • Melanie Simpson Merritt

    Thank YOU!!

  • Erika DeDon


  • Kait

    Ooooh! Super hope I win!

  • Sarah Schafer

    Thank you for all of the free stuff :)

  • Fran Pillersdorf

    I just got a free pair of Red Keds! Love them!!

  • Melissa Foltz

    Cool giveaway! I hope I win!

  • Sophia Inton-Lew

    Make-up freebies are the best.

  • Kayce Westfall

    Best freebie…? Diapers!

  • don

    thanks for this site and all my freebie’s i have recieved becuz of it!! thank you again

  • christina

    magazine subcriptions! thank you so much! :D

  • Susan Quackenbush

    a tshirt

  • Cheryl Ford

    Love HIF!

  • Jennifer

    love your page! keep up the good work!

  • maddy2k13

    great idea :) I desperately want to win!

  • Jocelyn Kroshus

    Winning is good!

  • H Ervin

    HIF me!

  • Emilie Jordan

    expensive perfume. That was pretty awesome!

  • Jennifer

    best freebie has been the target makeup bags.. miss them

  • Tamma Williams Borzotra

    I won a coleman tent once!

  • Crystal

    Here’s to hopin and wishin.

  • flgatorgirl

    House parties ;-)

  • Danielle

    Man this would help get me some summer duds for Mexico :)

  • Jessica Lopez

    Love this site :)

  • Christopher

    I have gotten so many free things thanks to HIF thanks Goob

  • TJ Alfert


  • Jen

    Best freebie…..Chocolate bar.

  • Yelena Leychik

    Coke package from my party

  • Shelley Stokes Schoning

    best freebie I’ve gotten…tickets!

  • Jackie Munsch

    I nver win givaway before. I’m starting to think that “free giveaways” are hoax for traffic. But I appreciate all your product website freebie info you give. Favorite giveaway was a Monkey shirt from Chimp something..

  • Ellen Barth

    A hand decorated beautiful tile to put on my wall!

  • Courtney

    My little portable ipod speakers! LOVE THEM!!

  • Amy Wurth

    Good luck everyone! (is this where we comment?”)

  • Nicole L.

    What I could do with $25 from Amazon…. :)

  • Leila S.

    The best freebie I ever received was my class ring. The ring company had everyone in our class enter their names and my name was drawn, so I got to choose the ring of my choice for free! Beats a free tube of toothpaste any day, although I’ve received several of them since then, too! :)

  • Rhonda Warren

    Best freebie I received K-cups coffee.

  • jrdunn

    only 7 combos? bummer

  • debB

    Cereal. I like cereal.

  • Tim Nickel


  • Kathleen crispens

    Love HIF!!

  • Ashley Pearson

    HIF gives the best freebies out of anybody on the internet, I love it so much and amuse my family with all the free stuff I get in the mail. Makes life so much easier!

  • Elaine Fleissner

    Kerosene heater, or maybe free birthday restaurant meals.

  • rachael miller


  • Bev freebie would be magazine subscriptions. Thanks for everything! :)

  • amandakosloski

    So want this.

  • Sandra Strand

    I love HIF and you Goob!!!

  • Tiffani S

    I actually have never won anything! So if I win, this would be the best one!!!

  • Kurt Jensen

    me Please. This would be great……

  • Alex

    The best freebie that I won was a pencil that I won in fifth grade. It was pink glitter and I would “accidentally” get glitter on peoples clothes.

  • Ashley

    Magazine subscriptions

  • Krista Hatfield

    Looove HIF!!

  • Delene DeVries


  • rnd_g

    best freebie for me ::::: coca cola party pack 15 shirts 24 coke cans 50 dollar subway card

  • Samantha Soucy

    A full bag of coffee. And I am a coffee fean.

  • Bridget Gaer


  • Daniel James Saylors

    best freebie I’ve ever received? that’s hard to say… I think it would have to be Amazon MP3 credits… can’t tell you how many songs I’ve gotten thanks to Goob…

  • Erica B.

    How nice, thanks for the chance!

  • maddy2k13

    Hair color :)

  • Casey M

    Thanks HIF!

  • Dan


  • BGryphon

    My best freebee (so far) was a brand new toner cartridge- a friend had the same model printer and gave me a $200 cartridge.

  • Elizabeth Schmidt

    You can never go wrong with a free gift card!

  • Melinda

    I won a duracell powermat once – that could be considered a freebie, right? For actual freebies, I like receiving the target cosmetic bags full of little samples of stuff I might not usually try.

  • Nici Love

    yay frebbies!

  • Terry Rouse

    I would feel totally randomized for the first time ever if I were one of the lucky random winners ! =)

  • Brenda Enriquez

    Hola & Hi & a Good Day To You!!

  • 88Keys

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Allison Y

    The free international delight coffee is the best freebie I’ve gotten so far. Looking forward to getting more in the future!! :)

  • Kimberly

    Goob is a hoot! Yeah, I’m not really as old as I sound. LOL

  • Holly Jayne

    HIF is the best freebie site out there!

  • Suzanne Phillips

    I would love to win this.. give it to my daughter (13 yr old) for being student of the month at her school!

  • Jeremy Vought

    Best Freebie?? Free Coffee!

  • Morgan

    Heck ya!

  • VT mom

    Pick me, pick me!

  • JustThatLiz

    Ohh man I would love this!!

  • Alexandrah Louise

    HIF is awesome!

  • Renee Redmond

    The best freebie I’ve ever gotten has to be the Famous Dave’s Big 4-people feast for my birthday! Bonus: My husband got the exact same thing for his birthday 7 months later! It was a good year that year.

  • Cassie Ryan

    Best freebie is probably the annual birthday Pizookie from BJ’s Restaurant. Good luck all!

  • saea

    i love hif!

  • LiSi

    Best freebie I got was $5 Amazon credit that I found on HIF.

  • Leslie22ann

    Makes me thankful for freebies because it is so hard to answer this question! I think my favorite freebie is the smile I get with each freebie I receive in the mail :). If I have to nail it down, I would say the target sample bags, nothing gets better than a freebie goodie bag!!! Ohhh yeah.

  • Moira

    I hope I’d win! :)

  • amber


  • Jaszmien Pendry

    The best freebie i ever got was a gift card to McDonalds haha

  • Kt

    My favorite was when my 3 yr old son saw me getting the mail and he said, “Did we get any freebies today, Mommy?”

  • Mandy C

    Best freebie- loads and loads of 5 dollar Amazon gift cards courtesy of Swagbucks. I hope that counts… :)

  • Jen H

    You are hilarious and enjoy getting your newsletters.

  • Shell

    One time I got this package from Bob’s Red Mill with a whole bunch of full sized products (quinoa, granola, pancake mix)

  • Destiny

    I found a really cool personal water filter straw that lets you drink out of lakes and puddles safely. It is close to $25, and I would love to see the look on my germophobic friend’s face as I drink out of a creek on our picnic in two weeks. : )

  • sheena

    yes, please! love this!

  • larrykaiser

    I could use some GCs HIF. thanks!

  • JBowen

    Would love to have a gift card to Amazon! Thanks for all the freebies you post. I’ve gotten some cool things!

  • Shaylynn Hayman

    I love HIF!! Do you know how many cool free things I’ve gotten? Lots! Now if I can only win a gift card;-)

  • Sara Cakes

    Best freebie– a year’s supply of k-cups. Wahoooo!!!

  • angie k

    so far, the best freebie was a $20 gift card to a bakery/restaurant. i took the whole family and we ate about 3x that amount but it was fun & good & at least discounted 33%, right?

  • shaunie

    sample load of laundry detergent

  • Lulu Serpa

    Cool! Hope to win Amazon GC. I couod use this for my 12 year old son.

  • dee

    I won a trip to Cincinnati with a free hotel stay, zoo tickets, gift cards and lots of other cool stuff!

  • Kelly

    Pick me! Thanks for posting all the freebies :)

  • Amanda Ruddell

    best frebbie: SOG knife from several years ago.

  • gloria washington

    The best freebie that I won was a magazine collection

  • Amanda Luck

    The best freebies that I receive are usually free gifts with purchase from Clinique!

  • Arielle

    So excited thanks for the amazing giveaway opportunity!!

  • Siyi

    Shoes from KSwiss! :)

  • Gigi McGee Tillett

    Love contests! Thanks for being bored!

  • Randy Michigan

    I’ve just recently started dipping my toes into the freebie world and I must say that the water is feeling pretty good!

  • Hannah


  • Barb Heither

    Love the International Delight freebie for my husband.

  • Luna

    Golf balls was the best freebie I’ve gotten

  • Brianna G.

    Best freebie so far? I would have to say the yonana machine I won from a Dr. oz giveaway! Now that it’s heating up I can start using it more often again, plus hopefully I can cut back on my culvers habit haha

  • Deb H

    My best freebie was a Senseo machine!

  • mopqqq

    Any day is a good day for a freebee

  • M.j. Monika

    The best freebie is knowing you, Goob :)

  • kimiUCF

    We could buy you a new joke book with this….;)

  • Susan Steyer Lewis

    My favorite freebie was the CoverGirl makeup I received.

  • Emily

    Love this giveaway. I’m so excited I’m gonna die.

  • Anna

    a netipot!

  • Sarah

    My favorite freebie was my target beauty bag. All the freebies are AWESOME but as a single mom…. Don’t always have money to buy the new beauty stuff. This let’s me try it out–For free!

  • Jiaqi

    I would love to have one

  • Ali

    I love Amazon! Thank you!

  • Caroline Jackson Hankins

    My favorite freebies have been anything beauty-related, or maybe the boxes of multiple freebies that were given away by the U.S. Postal Service a few times! Those were really fun.

  • LeighLeigh

    yayy!!! free things!

  • Irene

    Best freebie I got from your site, is my Jose Cuervo Margarita Ball. That sucker was huge! :)

  • kassiajoy

    You are great!

  • Mandy

    so many to choose from….probably the most used one is my ginsu knife.

  • Nicole

    Hey, I’m bored too. Pick me! :-D

  • Megan R.

    I love following you and all your freebies! Pick me!!!

  • Becca

    I love all the free, really nice razors I always get!

  • Maria

    Thank you for all you do

  • Vicky

    This is great!

  • Tanja

    The best freebie I ever got was a semi-expensive makeup palette that I won. Almost 2 years later, and I still have plenty to go!

  • beth

    The best freebie I got was all the shampoo samples. great for travel.

  • Elizabeth Baur

    Love your freebies~

  • Sunny Pearson

    I so hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win! I love heyitsfree!!!

  • Nicole Davis

    I feel lucky!!

  • Ti3rra

    Well, if free entry contests count, the best freebie I got was a Tempur-Pedic DOG BED! I didn’t even know such a thing existed but my pooch is certainly not complaining. :)

  • JenMomma

    Found a rubik’s cube mug on Amazon for my husband last week. He has 2 dozen cubes in his classroom, so this would be a great addition!

  • loshla

    The free Romano Macaroni Grill meal is probably the best, but the magazines come just about daily, those are great too.

  • Lauren Hack

    The best freebie I ever got was a set of Rachel Ray pots and pans I won. :)

  • ryan

    My mom has been following your site for years. She gets tons of stuff! I like the food samples the best!

  • Courtney

    starbucks giftcard

  • josh72484

    Not sure I can pick one thing as the best freebie I’ve received. Have received all kinds of great things, but the insane amount of free magazines would definitely be near the top.

  • Amber

    love your site, great job keep it up

  • Jennie Harke

    Best freebie so far was the mp3 player from Napster. Keep ‘em coming! Thanks for what you do!

  • Tina

    I live the free k-cups from various coffee companies.

  • Jolene

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Brian

    My best freebie was a lifesize Yoda statue from Blockbuster. I’m a huge Star Wars fan so for me it was like winning the lottery.

  • Sara Jackson

    Oh man so many to choose from!! I think I love getting free coffee cups! Everytime I use them it reminds me to look for new freebies :)

  • karen b.

    I got a free Sonicare electric toothbrush once, that was pretty sweet. That or the coupon for a free pack of hot dogs.

  • Lisa M Wyland

    Best freebie? Skin from Marlboro for my Iphone. Everyone comments on it and it has my initials!

  • Jean

    I like the Target beauty bag. It’s full of samples and coupons, plus you get a (typically) cute bag.

  • Minxy Warner

    The very best freebie ever was the Tassimo brewbot i won from a blog contest a few years ago! The freebies i most like getting are free food & treat samples for Pup – he loves getting puppy mail! :c )

  • Andrea

    Loving the Target beauty bags, they have everything! =)

  • Michelle Kleinheksel

    Comment! Hope I win!

  • Anna E.

    The best freebie I ever got was a full sized bottle of shampoo. It lasted forever and it worked really well.

  • Jenn

    I won a nice prize pack from Van’s Natural Foods; that was nice!

  • Emmah

    I like the Target beauty bags a lot! You get a lot of good samples and a cute make up bag.

  • Kristen Klemann

    Hard to choose a favorite freebie- I liked the protein powder and shaker that I got a couple of months ago.

  • BananaBear

    Beauty freebies make me happy :)

  • suzannejc

    hard to pick…either the $1000 pre-paid Visa card, or my trips to Las Vegas or NYC!

  • mochi play

    Yay! Exciting!

  • Kendra L

    I’ve been utilizing the free bottle of excedrin lately. It’s been a lifesaver.

  • Catherine Talley

    My most favorite freebie was a braclet. It had a pressed flower in a stone. Loved it

  • jessica

    think the best freebie i’ve ever gotten was…a free full size lipgloss. aw yeah.

  • rachel

    Probably a bottle of shampoo!

  • Lydia P.

    Best freebie? probably last summer’s target beauty bag. The face wash it came with is wonderful!

  • Ally

    Nice giveaway!

  • Tessa

    I want them both!

  • Erika McDermott

    Best freebie was the 5$ Starbucks gift card and as always my pampers gift to grow points! Thank YOU!!!

  • lore

    Best freebie was when they sent me two laptops for the one I ordered and didn’t want the other one back.

  • Topher


  • Som Bouasri

    Best freebie would be free old spice body wash that I wanted to try but didn’t want to commit to a full size bottle.

  • HIFfer


  • helen


  • sammm94

    A subscription to People magazine for two years!

  • Dianna Hilborn

    Best freebie was a bunch of magazines. M husband takes them to work for his soldiers.

  • Jaclyn

    The best freebie I ever received was a year of Amazon Prime!

  • Sarah Terry

    My favorite Freebie’s are the Target beauty bags. :)

  • Karen

    I like you and I am talking to you.

  • Tabby

    Tanks for doing this….

  • Caitlin

    I always love the free beauty samples like shampoo!

  • Melinda

    Best freebie was an EOS lip balm when they first came out :) It lasted me like two years!

  • Donald

    I once got a free plate of tacos at Chipotle from a Customer Service issue. :) LOVE CHIPOTLE.

  • Amy Connelly

    My favorite would have to be the ipod I won from South Beach Diet, and in a pretty blue color to boot!, woohoo!

  • Suzan Sultan

    great prize!

  • Susan Hayes

    How did you get a laptop?? Even 1 would be so awesome!

  • Destiny Shackleford

    The best freebie(s) I have ever gotten were the “Where’s the Beef” and “Here’s the Beef!” T shirts from Wendy’s. My husband and I each got one, and since he’s a pretty “beefy” fella (he does construction) the humor wasn’t lost on any of my friends or family!
    I’m really enjoying all of my free birthday food this week too! I’m set on meals until the third week of May!

  • Joann Ballantine

    My $25 food card to McDonald’s because I facebooked how terrible my fries and Big Mac was, then of course tagged them in the photo LOL best “freebie” ever since I gave it to my teenager!

  • Sara V

    I love love your site…thanks for all the freebies! I wouldn’t mind a nice little gift either!

  • Denise Vance Ulery

    I received 40 free diapers just for filling out an online survey about how they worked!

  • walker

    glad you get bored once in awhile. Hope I win

  • Ashlyn Hamblet



    Coffee mug with a secret compartment for snacks, etc!

  • Eric Voigt

    Free. Amazon gift cards? I’m in!

  • Theresa

    Love, love, love HIF!!

  • Lisa

    A ceiling fan

  • Kristi Cushman

    best thing I have ever gotten…. full sized beauty products

  • Joann

    Hey Goob, I’m bored too. Thanks for thinking of us. Keep up the good work!

  • Happy Homemaker

    All the pamper diaper points – I redeemed for a wooden pull behind frog – my daughter loves it!

  • Nadia

    Would love to win the Amazon GC. Thanks!

  • Susan Hayes

    Hey Goob! Got 2 out of 5 free mag scripts yesterday! Because of all the free things I receive my mail lady asked me what my secret was and I of course told her about you. She said she was going to check it out. Hope she has!
    I think my favorites are the Target Bags, I actually wrote you a couple of weeks ago asking if you knew when the Spring bags were coming. They really are fantastic!
    And then my Martha Stewart free script. I’ve done it for 2 years in a row now. I’ve had a subscription for many years but then getting it for free now, as Martha always says “it’s a good thing” Thanks Goob for all your hard work!

  • Adrianna

    Would love to win for a little gift for mother’s day!

  • TKali

    The best freebie I ever received was a $50.00 Visa giftcard. I couldn’t believe it when I won. Hope I win one of your Amazon cards. :)

  • alyssa

    gotta love the target beauty bags :)

  • Kathleen Smith-Webb

    Hey it’s Free is the first freebie site I joined. My favorite freebie is face creams.

  • Jenni M.

    Crossing my fingers that I win!

  • Leta Richardson

    I would love to win the Amazon card so I can come closer in buying my Amazon Fire in July.

  • angela g

    My best freebie was free 2 liter coca cola coupons from Coke during a summer Olympics program!!

  • Kristen Holden

    Fun idea! Love reading the emails I get about all the sweet freebies and deals.

  • PaysYou247

    Pizza Pizza Pizza and some more Pizza

  • Jennifer Lyons Wyse

    I would love the gift certificate

  • Sue H

    Pick me, pick me :)

  • Gladys

    Bag of Lindor Truffles

  • Kaylan

    I got a shirt that says “I slept with Downy” It makes me laugh.

  • Anita

    Best freebie was when I won a Britax Marathon car seat for my kid. It was worth over $200!

  • Ariana

    Awesome! I hope I’ll win this time :D

  • mojoan

    Joy and freebies are mighty contributions, don’t let the type A’s get to you. Community rules! btw hope you are feeling better these days.

  • 4p-mom

    I’m a big fan of the magazine freebies. I’m enjoying Wired and Smithsonian a lot right now!

  • Jessica Lucero

    A cloth diaper! :)

  • Dawn Fritz

    a whole box of facial care items!

  • Mariela Merino

    Best freebie ive received was a mini makeup bag filled with shampoo, makeup, and more!

  • Andi Switzer

    mine, mine, mine, mine… sorry I just watched Finding Nemo again :)

  • Michelle Beracha

    I love the Target beauty bags and that HIFgets it posted in time for me to get one.

  • shobiecat

    the last oil of olay thing you listed turned out to even be full size! i was REALLY excited! i’m using it- but no one has noticed any differences!

  • Prasanka

    Hey Goob!! Love all the free magazines, THANK YOU!!

  • Forpip

    Hope I win one :)

  • liz

    I love freebies any kind..the Target bags R awesome

  • Laura J

    Love all of your freebies – thank you!

  • Kelli Triplett

    The latest fav is the marlboro travel mug, the target makeup bags, the magazine…free amazon codes…they’re ALL my favorites! lol

  • Faith Griggs Miller

    i would love to win an amazon gift card!! is this where i leave comment? and how do i send you at tweet?! thanks!!

  • Carmen

    The best freebie I received from Green Mountain Coffee, which included traveling mug and k-cups.

  • Mellocup

    Wanna win! Sorry I don’t tweet but the birds do! And I like HIF just not on facebook, but you’re in “my book” of favorites!

  • Mark S

    Xbox360 from my friend who didn’t want to deal with and wait on Microsoft to have them fix its “red ring of death” for free.

  • Christy Marie

    My favorite is the Target bags because once I get through using the products, I store makeup and medicine in the bags. Thanks for the Giveaway , Gooby Dooby Doo.

  • Lucy

    Mountains and mountains of magazines, addressed to my dog. She’s a big dog and a big reader.

  • Alex

    you are the best. well second best, because there is me, of course. :)

  • DelGal

    The best freebie I ever got was a Keurig brewing system and a year’s worth of Kcup supplies!

  • wheezi

    HAIR DYE! Thanks to an 8-going-on-30-year old…I need all the help I can get.
    Hope your feeling much more better these days :)<3

  • Tracy

    I received a full size Aveeno lotion that was great. Thanks for all the freebies.

  • Jenny

    A large chef’s knife!

  • Katie Coughlin

    Love freebies! Received free Lindor chocolate, my favorite!

  • Jessica Mullin

    The magazine freebies are the best.

  • Corrina

    I really hope I win. I never win anything. Well, I did win a hermit crab in a contest at school in the fifth grade, but that’s been forever ago. It would certainly lift my spirits to win something again, especially a $25 gift card. Also, does it count if we are already “fans” of your site on Facebook? :-) By the way, Goob (I keep wanting to type “Goop” for some reason), you are truly, indisputably awesome. And I’m not just saying that because I want a free gift card. It’s true. Out of all the freebie sites out there, I only visit yours mainly because of you. :-)

  • Carmen Santoro

    Thanks for being bored:) and this fantastic giveaway. Don’t have twitter, so I hope my entries are still ok.
    Thanks again.

  • Lindsey Johnson

    My favorite freebie has to be the P&G samples box that I received last month! So many great free samples! I would love to win this gift card to buy books for college!

  • Joanne C.

    Free makeup

  • shannon

    My comment!

  • Pe Thames one, thanks!!

  • Robyn Woodard

    I love HIF!!

  • Irina Jordan

    Love your website and e-newsletter. Keep it coming. Thanks!

  • Pe Thames

    Im not exactly stupid, but this ‘copter leaves my confuzzled hrad spinni.g

  • Tara C

    Stella Atois Chalice

  • Heidi K.

    A year-long subscription to Afar magazine. It is now my favorite magazine to read!

  • lawrence

    yea freebies

  • Robbi

    The best freebie were the record coasters!

  • Joyless

    I hope I win. I could use a pick me up. Things not going so well.

  • rhonda c

    A fan from Greenville, SC wants you to know you rock!

  • tori729

    A leather loveseat that I used and later sold for $50!

  • ELF

    A trip for two to see a Nascar race in another state.

  • skunky

    YEAH!!! i love FREE amazon cards. especially WINNNNING THEM!!!

  • Jason B

    great contest

  • Deven

    The best freebie I ever received was when I used my Fresh & Easy rewards points to get not just one but TWO free turkeys for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving indeed!

  • simplicity

    Freebies fo life!

  • Crystal Green

    The best freebie I’ve received would probably be the Twinings tea samples. I’ve gotten those twice and also got my mom one. I always put her address in of I can.

  • kungfujoe94

    Best freebie ever? Had to be a free copy of Stephenie Meyer’s book, The Host. The book was just ok but, I love books. So, it was definitely a plus!

  • Sandra

    Best freebie was a razor. I’ve got pretty hairy legs so it came in very handy!

  • breena goodenough

    the Excedrin because boy do my kids give me a headache sometime lol

  • Janice Brown

    Target cosmetic bag

  • tamara

    The best thing I won was a gorgeous lamp from design within reach!

  • rosiehill

    lots of free magazine subscriptions and a free tractor tire :)

  • Stone Rose

    Great contest!

  • KimberlyFDR

    The best freebie I got was one I received just a few weeks ago. I won a drawing on a fellow author’s blog and the prize was a free Kindle Fire HD. My mother was very pleased with the present :)

  • Nicole-k

    I would love love love to win!!

  • Erika F

    Thanks for everything Goob!!!

  • tina dinh

    I like your jokes. You are very funny and cool. Thank you goob.

  • Renee Woodring

    The best freebie I got was a $200 pair of boots from Marlboro-and I didnt even have to smoke!

  • Sharlene Hart

    I don’t think I have ever received something I didn’t like…if it wasn’t for me…I regifted! LOL!

  • Debbie Gerrity

    could use an amazon card

  • Christina aaron

    Sams sent me three full sized gallons of cleaning supplies once!! Pretty awesome.

  • Christina P.

    LOVE the target make-up bags, razors and free mags! :)

  • Chris

    All of the coupons for free food!

  • anna

    the neti nassel pot

  • Pam Corwin

    Anything edible is always my favorite!

  • rebecca

    I love free stuff!!

  • itsdanielleg

    Wooo! Want to win!

  • txbird

    My favorite freebies are all the Keurig coffee samples I receive. Thanks for all your hard work that allows so many of us to get all these free items!

  • vdragon

    gotta love a give away!

  • shawndra befort

    so far it’s the sample of dog food from walmart bcuz it was a nice size and came with a $4 coupon

  • horrorfan

    Any thing worth doing is worth doing twice!

  • Valerie Martin

    Thanks for having another giveaway!

  • Ray


  • Dana James

    I love sending your freebies to my mother. The surprises in her mailbox really brighten her day.

  • Jen

    I got my 3 free bagels today, but I wanted one with cream cheese – $1.80 worth of cream cheese seems like it would be more than a dollop the size of a golf ball, doesn’t it?

  • lore

    I bought it from HP and they sent two out under two different tracking numbers. Clearly a mailing mistake. I called to offer a return of the other one, just asked if they’d pay return shipping and HP told me to keep it. Two for the price of one, whoo hoo! ^_^

  • lynnette

    Best was some amazing vegan cookies!

  • Crabbywheels

    Love this site man.

  • Michelle Bartley

    $75 Pantene Kit from Kred

  • keri

    A vacuum from All You for testing it!

  • Ann Saye

    Target beauty bag & coffee!

  • Shelley Horst-Schmidt

    9 pair of free women’s underwear from Jockey….they where even cute

  • Andrea Smith

    The best free items that I recieved was make-up!

  • k80paul

    Historical book marks for my kids!

  • Edward Breitenbach


  • Katie

    Free movie tickets were
    my favorite freebie!

  • erin

    target beauty bags. just love those!!

  • Cole

    Always something free coming in the mail. Makes my wife laugh.

  • wfhound

    I got a free comfy bathrobe from Dove.

  • Gayle Warner

    A hat from Marlboro is one that I use almost every day – and I don’t even smoke!

  • Mary Murphy Strawn

    I can’t even begin to think what my fav is! I’ve gotten clothes, food, cleaning products! I just post all sorts of freebies nearly every day!

  • Lola Loolabelle

    I love the Target gift bags filled with goodies. :D

  • Melissa G.

    Sounds like the best way to use your boredom! :) I usually just sit there and stare at the ceiling until I find shapes… it’s boring too. :( Keep on keeping on Goobmeister! :D

  • Nguyen Le

    I liked the target beauty bags. Thanks for the freebies posts and the giveaway

  • rachel

    best stuff so far would have to be all the free razors, oh and the stainless steel travel mug from l&m. LOVE this site!!

  • Tania Morse

    The best freebie I ever received was a full-sized bottle of Dawn Direct Foam. This was a couple years ago, and I still use that product. It’s not very often that I get a freebie that gets me hooked on a certain product, but that was definitely one of them.

  • Keisha Lavers Frantom

    I won a trip to Paris on a local radio station1

  • Laura

    pick me!

  • Ashleigh

    I live for the Target Beauty Bags. Love them!

  • tammy barnett

    A smartphone from Bzz Agent 2 years ago!

  • awbuist


  • Annie D.

    Your site turned me on to Recyclebank, and this winter I was able to cash in for play passes for an inflatable jumping playground in the area. Not only were the passes for five visits each, but I was able to get them for my kids and the neighbor kids…all free!!!

  • CwacCwac007

    ^_^ Happiness!

  • Cassidy


  • canderko

    My fave freebie (that I’ve gotten because of a HIF alert) was the Dove luxury bathrobe. That thing is so soft and awesome and a good bathrobe is expensive, yo!

  • Ben Wolfe

    Hey I want free stuff!

  • Jen

    The Infantino Fresh Squeezed Collection to store my homemade baby food!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for all the free stuff you’ve hooked me up with via your website!!!

  • Lucy

    Best freebie was a packet of tea samplers! I love tea!

  • Kate

    I’m going to go with the funniest. A HUGE box showed up containing a GIANT lemonade stand! My friend and I (both adults) set it up and played with it lol

  • Leslie

    Best freebie I’ve ever received in my life was a $10 Itunes gift card! I’m a music lover so this was really my cup of tea.

  • Jackie

    Hey I love gift cards!!!

  • Jeronica Baldwin

    Best freebie – 10 free coupons for Smart Ones!

  • Jen

    Please, pick me! :)

  • Lan Young

    Thit T-shirt

  • Lauren Cobb

    I’ve received so many freebies, its hard to pick a favorite. But I really liked the Target beauty bags.

  • Cassandra Tafoya

    Broke college students like me LOVE Amazon. :)

  • Candace Gray

    I love this site. I use it all the time.

  • Comment leaver

    I’m leaving a comment!

  • Ashley

    “All You” Magazine

  • margaret

    Best freebie = a Bacardi oak heart glass – make MEGA cups of tea in that thing!

  • Marnie Zeigler

    I think it’s the Stella Artois chalice! It’s beautiful!

  • Tara

    Big box of Godiva Chocolates!

  • Yanay

    I received 6 full size bottles of Caress body wash!!

  • Dedra

    A very long time ago you had a post for Olay’s shimmering lotion. I dont normally use trial size lotions…too small for me :) but I liked the shimmering concept. LOVED it so much that I continue to use the product all the time…full size now of course!

  • earmstro

    Most of my good freebies are really contest winnings (cash cards and games and accessories from Coke, Airfare from Orbitz, etc.). Best plain-old freebies are probably food (Noodles & Co. and such).

  • Heather Miller

    the “Where’s the Beef” t-shirt from the Wendy’s promo, They used some kind of godly soft cotton to make it.

  • katie

    A full bottle of excedrin!

  • Laura Silva

    Target beauty bag! :D

  • DigitalDiva

    Best freebies I got was a Keurig brewer, a $100 Amazon gift card, a Stella Artois chalice, and the All You magazine “heads up” Goob posted a few days ago. I’ve been getting the magazine for about a year; paid for the first year, but got codes that extended for another year. With the heads up Goob posted, I’ll now be receiving the magazine for free until 2016!

  • Whitney

    First, love the Home Alone reference you made with the “numbering.” Second, my favorite freebie was a free year subscription to my favorite magazine.

  • joy

    Free ID creamer for a year

  • Sandy

    Lots of great freebies thru your newsletter have arrived in my mailbox but the best are the pet food samples.

  • Brady Shuman

    my fave freebies are the Target beauty bags

  • shelley

    This was my first “freebie” blog that I found. I return almost daily! Thanks for the heads up on the codes and freebies.

  • Jerms

    best thing was two free gilette electronic razors

  • Lori S.

    Hey, love your freebies!!!

  • tlr

    you are awesome, feel better!

  • Mari M.

    The best one I have received is a mini bottle of a hair product that I LOVE!!

  • Tiffany

    I want to win!

  • Andi R

    My favorite freebie has to be the Target Beauty Bags. I’ve gotten 2 so far and I loveeee them!

  • Joe Lynch

    Peaches. That’s my comment. First thing that came into my head.

  • Diane

    Anything food!!!

  • Buck

    I’ll mysteriously refrain from describing the best freebie I ever got.

  • Jim Hueber


  • Audra

    I think the best freebies I’ve gotten were the Target bags – there’s so much stuff in them!

  • andie

    you rock! thank you

  • Rachel B.

    Hey, I love giveaways! Pick me, please.

  • Christina

    A sonicare electric toothbrush!

  • weesa

    blog post comment!!

  • Arlene Cordero Cabrera

    Because anything free is a good thing! Plus I really do like your jokes! :)

  • Sean Hicks

    A 3-pound solid chocolate Easter bunny I won as a kid.

  • Dawn

    Crossing fingers and toes that I will win!

  • axi

    A free bottle of Excedrin.

  • Elizabeth

    The Atkins starter kit. Those bars were tastylicious.

  • Lyssa Rowan

    Ooh, comment! :)

  • Amy

    My favorite freebies have been the Target bags. There are several samples in them and super cute makeup bags!

  • Emilia Valdivia

    4 Full sized bottles of pantene pro-v

  • gina

    target make up bags are the best, a bag, coupons and samples, that is a 3 way win!

  • Gloria Steiger

    The freebies from Marlboro are always quality and very useable products (i.e. travel mug, flask, pocket knife). LOVE HIF!!

  • lacie mcelvana

    You’re so generous for doing all the contests :p

  • Raen Bellows Levendoski

    The best freebies were the Stella Artois chalices (that we unfortunately had to give away with everything else we owned when we moved – sad face), and the Mayhem t-shirt!

  • FatmanOSU

    Microsoft Wireless B network starter kit. Very few of them were released.

  • Zach Younkin

    Where did you get that?

  • Zach Younkin

    By far the best has been the Wall Street Journal that still shows up at my house!!

  • Zach Younkin

    What magazine?

  • Sarah

    Yay I love hey it’s free!


    Hey Goob, this is awesome, hope i win :-)

  • Dani Ellerton

    I received a Mr Coffee Keurig single pod coffee maker for filling out a survey!


    My favorite freebie has got to be the Aveda Birthday gifts, $35 worth of great stuff, you can’t beat that!

  • Kaitlyn

    A full-size bag of Tide Pods!

  • Alexis Pilato

    So… I hear this internet thing is here to stay?


  • Marnie

    You are so sweet to do a giveaway. I love all freebies. Because free is a good thing. Thank you for allllllll the great freebies you have posted over the years!! :)

  • John Asam

    One of the best freebies that i have received so far has been the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor from Costco.

  • Jenny

    The best freebie I ever got had to have been one of those Target Beauty bags. They are definitely the best thing ever.

  • Tammy C

    Win a P&G prize pack!

  • Nicole Ann Nguyen

    My parents are starting to think I’m a sample hoarder.

  • Missa Jeffers Doucet

    Commenting to enter the contest!

  • Abby

    I love this idea ^.^

  • jennjenn68

    I could use $25

  • Cindy J

    You make me laugh! I’ll be smiling even more if I win the Amazon GC!!

  • Ceci

    This is great giveaway and I never win anything, but it’s worth a shot. haha

  • Mary

    Pick me LOL I just love HIF and Amazon the best thing I got was a ink pen.

  • Brittany

    I love the Target makeup bags and the free magazines! Thanks for keeping us informed on such great deals!

  • Hannah Graziadio

    Wired Magazine! I love it so much…or the US Weekly subscription. Did you know, that was supposed to end 2+years ago…they’ve sent the “your subscription has ended!” letters, but its never stopped. I’m not complaining.

  • Amanda Dean

    I have no idea what my best freebie ever was. So I’ll say…doughnuts!

  • Erica M.

    Hope you’re having a fantastic day! :o)

  • Mari Cheney

    The Target beauty bag and magazine subscriptions!

  • la fidelita

    The Target makeup bags!

  • Lynn

    Nice! Would be great for me to get this. I have things to buy for people!

  • Michelle H

    One year free subscription to Entertainment Weekly. Followed closely by a free Dove milk chocolate bar, because I’m easy to please that way.

  • Bryan Charles Moore

    I got a free Taco Bell t-shirt once!

  • Pacuse

    Winning would be wonderful!

  • michelle

    probably have to go with the target beauty bags. or the kodak printer i got with a coupon if that counts. $50 on sale, $50 off coupon? don’t mind if i do. :P

  • jskell911

    I got a free Soda Stream with all kinds of extras from House Party!

  • Margaret Pope-Rainey

    Definitely the Target cosmetic bags full of samples & coupons!

  • cindi k.

    Read at least once a day – such great tips and deals!

  • Michelle

    Good gift card

  • Jane

    Great giveaway

  • Lorena Keech

    I won a Sleep Number King bed and they even came and set it up and removed our old bed…

  • Mira

    You are awesome!

  • Sandy

    I just like getting all the free things I sign up for. Makes me feel so special to get the mail with them. Or maybe it’s just because it’s not a bill. Hmmm – have to think about that some more. Thanks

  • Jessica Poston

    It wasn’t a freebie in the fact that I just signed up and got it, but I won a soda stream in a blog giveaway which was awesome! All the magazines I get are probably the best freebie though.

  • Alyssa B

    The target beauty bags are always my favorite!

  • Gary S

    I enjoy reading your posts everyday, even if there aren’t many new freebies.

  • Emily Gross

    The best freebie was probably the free Venus razor. I mean, those things are expensive!

  • MsFussy Britches

    Travel mug!

  • Stella

    Been following you for about a year now… I guess that could come across a little “stalker-ish”, but either way, I appreciate your humor, your give-aways, your posts, and the little socks you wear when your feet get cold… I mean… forget it.

  • Adam

    Favorite thing: my free magazine subscriptions!

  • The Ruby Red Apron

    a bag of gourmet popcorn!

  • Angela

    Sam’s club sent me a mop head & 2 gallons of cleaner! I guess they were trying to tell me something!

  • em

    razors probs

  • Julie

    Awesome Stella Artois glass. Oops, I mean chalice.

  • Kattyte

    You crack me up goob!

  • p m

    Magazines! Love them! And lots of shampoo and conditioner samples that I can use for trips

  • Brittany

    I love receiving the Pampers code even more now that I have a newborn to help add to my HIF established account! Thanks!

  • Gatorpaw

    The free bags of M&M’s! So easy and reliable, as well as delicious!

  • Molly Alger

    I really like to get the beauty bags, not just for the free stuff but also for the great coupons.

  • veez

    Love the Target bags and the Nivea Touch of Smoothness body wash, bought three more bottles!

  • Greg

    Granola bars with nuts that I’m allergic to.

  • Becca

    Best freebie would be a keratin hair treatment and free blow-out.

  • Laney Lightfoot

    A pack of models own nail polish!

  • jrgbug

    Thanks for all the freebies. Great job!

  • Louis

    The Stella Artois chalice was the best freebie I ever received!

  • Louis

    And my daughter! But she wasn’t technically free, after the hospital bill and all…

  • gohumgirl

    I received 2 full-sized Dove body washes.

  • Deb

    I have “liked” HIF on Facebook for awhile now & don’t think I could possibly like it any more!!

  • Angel9RakouCobra

    Any food sample’s my favorite freebie. Gotten too many to pick just one.

  • Anna Huynh

    I love when I get free food!

  • Beech baby

    Love the gift card giveaways!

  • Heather

    I’d love to win it!

  • carolyn nguyen

    i think its pretty nice of you to have this giveaway

  • Alyson


  • Matt Orlando

    Definitely all the free magazines!

  • Anita

    I won a gift card to Williams-Sonoma, worth $150. The items they sell are kind of expensive, but it was a great splurge.

  • Sarwat

    I got stickers from HIF once. They were awesome & meant more than just a freebie so they’re the best! :)

  • Risa Morris

    A link to this site since I have gottens so many cool freebies from the links on this site over the years. Thanks Goob

  • Scott

    A full jar of peanut butter

  • Nomi Malone

    Best freebie I ever received was $50 Target gift card.

  • Thy

    My best was a travel size perfume :)

  • Susan S

    target makeup bags, ty

  • carolyn nguyen

    pros and cons note pack

  • K Steiger

    Stuffed Kangarou from DISH for my little girl.

  • missy!

    yahoo, pick me for amazon!

  • Sarah Mae

    I got a ton of free ‘green’ cleaning products for free–the box was huge. I never expected to get so much for free from one place!

  • Angie Clifford

    I love all the freebie’s that I get! But the best are the full size one’s!

  • Lila2004

    Love this site, and would love to win the AGC. My best freebie from this site would the free magazines you tell us about. I’m housebound, so having reading material come to me is just fantastic! Thanks so much!

  • Melissa Thompson

    Food! As a college student nothing is better than free snacks :)

  • Precious Sunshine

    box full of face creams and makeup

  • Brittany

    I love the Target makeup bags

  • joeysdramaqueen

    All freebies are awesome!

  • melody

    I really did like the target bag I got …very useful to have around. Like you! Don’t know what we “freebie junkies” would do without you! Now, I sound like a stalker….sorry!

  • Sonny

    Target makeup bag is great. Heck, anything free is great (who am I kidding!!)

  • Anna Lewis

    You are awesome. I’m having a sucky day and seeing people giving away giftcards for no reason makes me happy and gives me faith in the world again. My best freebie? Probably stuff I get to do product reviews on. I love that.

  • Victoria M

    The Target bags!

  • Joy

    Keurig coffee pot! But like others I also love the Target “bags”.

  • Pat Meinke

    The best freebies that I get are the doggie treats!

  • Elissa DeFalco

    A full sized thermos!!

  • Ashley

    Love my magazine subscriptions!

  • Laura Posada

    Best Freebie ever was probably the 2 canisters of formula I received from Gerber. We didn’t have a budget for formula and ended up needing it. :) GRATEFUL

  • khgymnast

    This is so awesome! I absolutely love this website! I recommend it to all my friends! Hope I can get entered in this amazing giveaway!

  • John Beals

    i would love to win

  • Terri

    My Wired mag subscription. I love that mag! (And the tweet was hilarious. I don’t always read them but glad I read this one!)

  • vicki zaher

    Neon pink nail polish.

  • Lyn

    free hair dye lol

  • Jenny S

    Thanks for all the good freebie alerts! Keep ‘em coming!

  • Cindi Howard Lia

    a coupon for a free sandwich at safeway that i found on the ground

  • Cassy

    Best I got, maybe a razor a few weeks ago. I’m pretty easily satisfied..

  • Cheyenne Johnson

    I always have freebies coming in the mail! My family is SO jealous. The best one I have ever received was… the coasters I got! They come apart and part of them can be frozen to keep your drink cold longer, like whiskey stones! They are great and I use them everyday. Thanks for being so amazingly awesome Goob!

  • Doc Work

    Love your site!!!

  • Nikki

    year of free pancakes…for real

  • Carrie

    All the free stuff…. love the travel size free stuff…make great stocking stuffers for family who travel!!! Love this site.

  • Bethany

    I won a NCAA 100$ Gift certificate yesterday but the best thing I ever got in the mail was a mini HD camera I won!!

  • Kit

    Best freebie was the Olay Eye Cream.

  • JW

    My son loves the Tide laundry pen you recommended at Christmas!

  • Nicholas Anthony Grass


  • Amanda

    Best freebie eh? Hmm, I suppose any of the bottled-shampoo ones, not those cheapo packets!

  • Lori

    Marlboro custom Tee

  • Gmm Moss

    Love the Target bags and this weeks roll of Scott’s TP – cool!

  • Maddie

    Hi, I tweeted, plus followed you and now am leaving quick message— So I’d get 2 entries? :-)

  • Breenah

    If giveaways count, the FitDesk that’s in my den!!!
    If not, any free food is always my fave.

  • Haylee Atkinson

    Definitely the free box of Larabars!

  • Sally

    Goob…you are da best from your fan club in Hawaii!! Now we know what u look like in the Sierra Nevada shirt!!!

    I would <3 am Amazon gift card!!

  • Korte

    The summer of 2009 all of the free coupons for mars candy bars… it felt like I was getting one a week :-)

  • Chester

    The Suave conditioner coupon for a full sized product. I use it every day!

  • Anna

    I love coffee samples! But my favorite thing would have to be a personalized wooden ring.

  • Zan

    so many free things!

  • BeverlyF

    the best freebie I’ve ever received was probably the first time I won a sweepstakes: I won a trip for 2 to Las Vegas to see a Showtime movie premiere.

  • kathy

    I love free stuff

  • Shannon McGrew

    The pocket knife from one of the tobacco companies It came in it’s own little case. So cool.

  • Kalee5080

    I love the free coffees I receive….not that I really need more coffee, but I do love it. Especially the foo-foo iced vanilla lattes!

  • Kelly Hudson

    Target Bags

  • Lori C

    Thanks for the give away, Goob! My best freebee so far was a $25 gift card from another blog contest. But any day now….the LOTTO!!

  • Jeff Rojas

    Great freebie!

  • Cmct

    Gosh, I hate being put on the spot like this, um, uh, well, maybe a recent one that was better than the mountains of tiny pillows of shampoo was the full-sized bottle of Excedrin. How’s that for an exciting life.



  • Holly Landry

    Best one ever? The Gillette Fusion razor from Costco.

  • sassy

    hmm… shampoo. yeah, i’m that simple. i travel a lot for work so it’s nice to have quality shampoo. =P

  • Stac

    Free feminine products! I hate paying for those!!

  • Tammy

    Got a bunch of kitchen Freebies, Mixing bowls, scrapers, etc that were from somebody for Breast Cancer Awareness. I put them in my daughter’s “hope chest”

  • auschick

    I once got a big box full of Dove products. My other favorite would be the voxbox I got from Influenster recently :)

  • Kerry

    Awesome. Thanks, Goob!

  • Ashley

    I really enjoy your blog

  • Angela

    The best freebies are the food freebies. You have no idea how excited I get around my birthday and it’s thanks to you I get to pig out!

  • PIFA123

    tasimo coffee system

  • Katie Bolish

    Best freebie I ever got was a dozen free Krispie Kreme doughnuts for dressing like a pirate!

  • TIffany

    Best freebie I ever got was the target beauty bags

  • AMG

    Lots of free magazines

  • JD

    Best freebie…finding hif

  • Carissa Knotts

    iphone 5 case

  • Alma

    The best freebie I got was a Mary Kay eyeshadow pallet

  • mary

    Here’s my comment

  • jane

    $25 gift card from visa i believe it was, came in especially handy because it got sent out during the holiday season

  • Thanh T Nguyen

    Awesome sauceee

  • Allison

    three free boxes of tea!

  • Courtney

    woo hooo….all freebies are great freebies!

  • Aura Dell

    a donkey bobble head

  • Chrissy DeMarco

    Has to be the free pillow ;-)

  • Erin

    Magazine subscription to cooking light and some free wholly guacamole top my list!

  • Bitsys_mom

    I hope your thingamajig works like you want it to. Your raffle thingamajig, that is. Thanks for your dedication to this website & all of us hiffers.

  • Tina

    Target bags were on of my favorite, but I like the coffee samples also.

  • Ali Colline

    My best freebies were a Barkbox subscription for my dogs and a Lululemon gift card (:

  • jessica

    My favorite freebie was my very first ipod.

  • Lois

    I love getting magazines for free!

  • Joseph Kuperberg

    Thanks for the contest. Loved the Brueggers bagels today!

  • CPT Disgruntled

    The best freebie I ever snagged from this site was a trio of all-natural dog shampoos and a dietary supplement. The shampoos were very pleasantly scented.

  • Lois

    I love getting free magazines.

  • Gwenn

    A brita water pitcher!

  • Teresa

    my favorite freebie is full size products for free

  • Sarah Ferrell

    alright best hmmm clothes are always great I sleep in the I slept with Downy shirt every night!

  • Kolann

    Thanks for your website! I love getting freebies in the mail.

  • Christy Salinas Doleshal

    I’ve been a member of HIF for more than 5 years! thank you!!

  • Eugenie

    Best freebie was a pair of Patagonia hiking boots.

  • Janice Cook Harris

    Magazines. I love free magazines

  • Howell

    Free cooler of Wholly Guacamole products

  • Becky Mapes Jahnke

    Amazon Gift card

  • Jessica K.

    Great contest hope I am lucky! :)

  • Shanise

    My fave is getting magazines for free; I love to read.

  • Karen


  • Guest

    Chocolate bars are the best freebies!

  • keklar

    My favorite freebies are the K-Cups! Gotten quite a few different samples :)

  • Jasmine


  • Jasmine C

    Target beauty bag!

  • Makana

    Best freebie so far? Either the Popular Science subscription or the baby formula and bottle. My sister really appreciated the later. That stuff can get expensive!

  • KateS.

    oh, free stuff, how i love thee.

  • Diane

    The US Postal Office Sample Showcases from a while back – loved the variety

  • Kateland Marie Taylor

    I’m new to this. I check your website everyday for new deals! I absolutely love it! I’ve sent off for quite a few samples. Still awaiting their arrival, makes going to the mailbox a bit less boring.

  • Annemarie Zito

    The best freebie I got was a Walmart Gift Card!

  • butterfly_net2

    Best freebie…(don’t laugh)…was a full-sized can of Chef-boy-R-dee Ravioli. Or maybe the full-sized roll of paper towels. There have been so many good ones over the years. (Thanks to HIF and Goob!)

  • AP

    I sure would love that $25 Amazon gift card. Pick me please! Thanks :)

  • sdcg76

    You rock Goob!!!

  • bhcoupon

    Best freebie has got to be the Red Robin b’day burger. :-)

  • Maya Rich

    I think the best freebie I ever got was either this REALLY nice razor that totally changed my life or all the free magazine subscriptions :)

  • Allyson Garrick

    The Target beauty bags have been my favorites, by far.

  • Amy

    I just started doing this so I would be nice to actually win something so I know this isn’t a waste of time.

  • Charmaine Massiah

    Tide detergent

  • Diane

    Best freebie which I haven’t received yet but hope to get soon is the essie apricot cuticle oil :P

  • Alyssa

    I once won a beach bag…it was pretty cool.

  • Candy Price


  • Eric Vogel


  • Notes About Me

    Favorite freebies include chocolate, box full of chips, nailpolish, glass water bottle, list is endless!

  • Courtney

    The best freebies are food. And shirts.

  • Emily

    Best freebies I’ve gotten are the target bags of goodies, so much fun! Thank you!

  • thefiveharts

    The best was probably our phone system. I was a product tester and we got to keep the entire system, answering machine base phone and three satellite phones.

  • Angel

    The best freebie I’ve ever received was a free pair of knee length socks.

  • Mandy

    I did a 10 week BB cream study for L’Oreal and they recently sent me OVER THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS of high end beauty products! One wrinkle cream alone retailed for $80+. Pretty sah-weeeet.

  • Sharon

    1. I enjoy HIF- you do a great job.
    B. Love your sense of humor.
    Tre. Winning a gift card would be a great way to end a crappy week/enjoy the weekend.
    thanks for all you do Goob.

  • Diana

    I love this site! Thanks

  • Travis

    A can of paint, I was just amazed they sent me the actual can and not a coupon.

  • Erika

    Target beauty bag!

  • FostersBeauties

    Chocolate. :)

  • Guest

    Hope it’s me :)

  • Kayleigh Marie Baryo

    Best freebie would be… engraved flask I got for my husband from Marlboro

  • Laura

    I would say that my best freebie was the full-sized bottle of
    Pantene hair product

  • Chrissy

    Thanks for all the great freebies you post!

  • marshalls

    Great contest! I’d love to win one of these since I’ve been considering ordering arch supports from Amazon to help with my foot pain. They’d sure be a better deal than a $400 custom pair!

  • Kelsey

    I love getting free razors : )

  • Seanie Kelly

    I love your name, goob.

  • leonor

    I would have to say all six of my magazine subscriptions that are free and my full size free samples of lotions!

  • Shirley

    Thanks you for letting me know all these freebies. My favorite freebie is P&G quarterly sample ;)

  • Beth

    Soooooooo many favorites. My uni-ball pen. My new glucose meter. All the stuff I use for stocking stuffers at Christmas. Magazines. Shampoo. Snacks. Honestly, anything. I just love freebies.

  • SAra

    target beauty bag. free ice cream! and magazine

  • Kim

    I love my target beauty bags!

  • Nelerz04

    Best freebie was free covergirl mascara and olay face wash

  • mija1980

    I have gotten so many but we really love our soda stream machine!!

  • Silvia

    Cliff Bars with coupons for more free ones

  • Grace

    My favorite freebie was the NesCafe instant coffee samples I got.. There were about 5 or 6 different flavors and were actually pretty good!

  • Dipspit

    I’ve really enjoyed the thermos I got from Skoal.

  • thxgin

    woo hoo, have a great weekend !

  • Lyann

    As a college student, I desperately need/want this gift card! :)

    The best I probably have gotten are beauty products.

  • Scott

    The amount of free skincare products that almost always are the type my wife would buy anyway… gotta love free stuff that actively saves money to boot.

  • Cath

    Whenever my sister asks me about birthday freebies–I swear, this has gone on for years–now I just point her here. Because free birthday food is the best freebie. There was one year I had two hamburgers, three ice creams, and I don’t even remember what else!

  • Rochelle Mullin

    My favorite freebie was an electric toothbrush.

  • Hadiya

    Thank you so much for this site. There are so many cool freebies on this site. It’s like its my birthday every week…then again that would make me super old lol :-) My fav freebie is the red robin birthday burger

  • Clausss

    Magazines of course…And Samples of Shamppoo and conditoner cuz that helped me choose which one i liked and of course i found one and i use it all the time….Now i know samples do work lol

  • sonya

    This is a great site. Its allowed me to try many new things!!!!

  • Bria Abbey

    I absolutely love HIF I recommend this site to EVERYONE literally:-) keep up the good work

  • Abby

    My best freebie was all the kcups I’ve gotten. SO good.

  • Amber

    Im a girl so i love shopping! my husbands not a big fan of me spending money…therefore, this is my favorite website!! its like shopping for all the needless crap that i usually do but without spending money. I love anything free!

  • paige

    Anything beauty related is fun

  • Nicole Sender

    My best freebies are the great magazines I’ve received.

  • Name

    I HATE these rafflecopter contests! I tweeted but still can’t find the URL after reading it 3 ties and trying to click the time. Why can’t contests just be simple like name, address, etc? Love the site, but not this contest! Thanks Goob!

  • Mary Faith Carmody-Trotman

    Laundry Detergent. For Realz.

  • mandi

    love you goob!!!!

  • Xiaoqi Li

    Lime Aeroshot

  • Tima

    A kiss from my future husband. My 2nd best freebie was a $15 gc from Banana Republic on my birth month

  • Rebecca

    The best freebie I got was make up

  • lauri k.

    All of the birthday freeeeebies! :-)

  • vere

    200 gift certificate :D

  • mj

    pick me!

  • L

    I recently got a coupon for free hair dye from L’oreal! I’d have to say my absolute favorite ever would be the two VoxBoxes I got. Pretty awesome to get a box full of free name brand products.

  • pinkynavyisgold

    haha i think i got a pair of “gold earrings”

  • Kristyne Cook

    Best freebie was year passes to Disney world with park hopper and discounts included (: and a box full of cookies!

  • Sharon

    nail polish :)

  • pockets80

    I won and Iphone… and I still use it!

  • Victoria

    You’re awesome Goob!

  • Emma Lee

    my whole family loves the free magazines!

  • Sarah

    Love this site!

  • Kimberly Ezell

    Best freebies to me are all the birthday freebies :)

  • Analisa Marie Aragon

    If I had an amazon gift card I would get my fiance a really good present for his birthday on Sunday because I do not start my new job until May. I want to get him some cooking stuff because he likes cooking.

  • Anna

    target beauty bag!! :)

  • Janet Janet

    Best freebie would be an ornament that I received from a cat food company. It was quite nice.

  • Sara Cunningham

    A razor was my best freebie.

  • Patty

    My best prize that I won is a picnic table:)

  • Mindy

    I love freebies & your website!! :)

  • Ch Pk

    Magazine subscriptions are thr best. They keep coming.

  • Joseph Karson

    I always loved the free cereal, personally. But that’s just me.

  • Spin Gal

    I got that coffee mug too! From L&M. Nice insulated stainless steel with the super secret hidden compartment. Yesterday I got a roll of toilet paper. I feel like a kid when I open the mail box every day.

  • nellen

    Nice idea. Thanks.

  • Debbie

    Thanks for the give away! Would love to have a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

  • gloomduckie

    The best freebie I’ve received were the target beauty bags! I always looked forward to getting them in the mail.

  • Courtney

    Love the site and I love my daily e-mails!!!

  • Tefimom

    Target beauty bags

  • Kl Turner

    anything for my puppy. I love those freebies.

  • Courtney

    Should have paid more attention. Best freebie I ever got was.. a Maxim subscription for the hubby!

  • Sam McFarland

    The best freebies Ive gotten are the food on my birthday

  • GayAnn Wright

    The Target bags full of goodies or the full size products.

  • Stephanie Wright

    Blu Ray of Titanic

  • marinsalem

    We did a race last weekend and the Biscoff people were there…four jars of Biscoff later and some very happy kids, I’ve got to say that that was the best ever freebie.

  • Bryan Wright

    Full size food products.

  • Mary Anne

    Free Depends for my mom. A full size usable freebie is the best!

  • Elaine

    This is the best freebie site EVER!

  • Maria C R

    I Enjoy checking your website for freebies everyday and i had talen advantage of your services! ;-) i appreciate it. Thanks!

    Now, …. give me the gift card :-D

    Good luck everyone!

  • Judy

    Love this!!!

  • Judy

    Best freebie was stella glass

  • Wela Samaan

    Best freebee I received recently is a full size physicians formula anti-aging cream!

  • Trish

    I really loved the Target gift bag and the great mag subscriptions. I’d love to buy some Kindle books this weekend with a $25 gift card. ;)

  • vaish

    Best freebie I got was a CBTL coffee machine I love it!

  • Donna

    I am new to HIF so looking forward to some freebies!

  • Johnathan Lewis

    Never ever shave your cat. Ever.

  • chelsinm

    Best was my photobook awhile back!

  • Ben S.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • steph2759

    I’d say the free full size cans of formula I occasionally get for my daughter, that stuff is expensive.

  • Liz

    Best freebie??? Free Amazon gift cards, of course!
    Love this site; recommend it to all my friends!

  • Rene

    Best freebie I ever got was a bicycle from the tv show Boomtown, when I was a child. LOVED that bike…

  • Eva Bach Engelhard

    My favorite freebie is the Lipton Green Tea sample that came in its own reusable mesh bag (with velcro seal!). I finished the tea long ago but restock it with my favorite brands and pop it in my carry-on every time I fly.

  • Christine M

    I still love my free uniball pen!

  • Emily

    Best freebies are always cash vouchers!

  • Cathy

    It’s so hard to list my favorite freebie, they’re all so great! Every day I’m excited to check the mail. :)
    Thanks for everything.

  • Patricia

    Every freebie I have ever received is my FAVORITE!!!

  • dorothye

    cool darts from Marlboro and lots of magazines

  • Claire

    The best freebie I ever got was two big full-size baby formula

  • Amy

    Free gift cards from taking surveys, mycokerewards points, or Pampers GTG points. I love getting free stuff, especially Amazon or Shutterfly.

  • Mrs. Dunn ?

    Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie set. ;)

  • Bruce S

    Goob and Rafflecopter…this could be big, really big.

  • Tanya Mondok

    Best freebie was Atkind bars. Yummy.

  • Steffanie

    Best freebie….. I won a bike once. But my bf at the time took it. Jerk

  • Alyssa

    Got a trash bag for free yesterday!!!

  • linjack39

    I just received a freebie yesterday – Olay Body Wash. Used it this morning and I smell great!!!!!

  • Raven

    Nothing so far because they are usually very little. I signed up for all the birthday pages.

  • Derek

    Thanks Goob, btw Injustice is a fantastic game!

  • Henry Sharpe

    I got mine in the future it was an amazon gift card (I just joined)

  • Gin

    My best freebie was free makeup and a cool makeup bag!

  • Tomi

    There are so many. The Target beauty bags, FAVE. Free mags, FAVE. Candy and cookies and coupons. Yum, yum and yum. I love freebies what can I say.

  • kd

    A few years ago I won a trip to Metropolis to play poker with Chris Young.

  • SpringTulip

    HIF is fun.

  • Alexis Jurena

    My favorite so far would have to be a fancy cup. =)

  • kristen

    Dolly Partons Imagination Library Books for my kids!

  • Chris

    Magazines are great, so are HIFreebies!

  • ogblofeld

    I better win one of the

  • ogblofeld

    No, I was not done commenting Mr. Laptop.

    I better win one of these gift card, or MARK MY WORDS RYAN, I will be upset for 1.5 second then continue visiting your site and following you on twitter. But, oh those 1.5 seconds will be hell!

  • Jessica

    HIF is awesome! So many freebies it’s hard to choose my favorite.

  • Tatiana Tkachuk Curtiss

    I think the best freebies I’ve received are the coupons that are sent for free FULL-SIZE items – shampoo, lotion, various food items, etc. Those are always a hit!

  • SARA


  • Brittni May

    any freebie is my favorite. nothing better than getting something free.

  • Tronk

    Hopefully, this will be the best freebie once I win!! :)

  • Tabitha Chasse

    Lalalalalalala there is amazon gift cards up for grabs lalalala lalalala I sort of want one… Lalalala

  • Jessica S

    A Sally Hansen manicure set with LED light and everything.

  • Oh, Chrys!

    Favorite freebie…hmmm…a dog leash!

  • RobynnY

    Love the magazines and the t-shirts!

  • Samantha

    Thanks to your website, I never buy travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, body wash, etc. I don’t even need to fill up the old bottles I’ve used in the past. The freebies you list has given me a plethora of different brands to choose from whenever I make an overnight trip!

  • daela

    My best freebie was a free copy of Final Draft software. I won by submitting questions on a podcast.

  • Diane

    Box of several bags of Kettle chips

  • Seema Shah

    this website is just awesome.

  • axmh1985

    Hmm… Honestly the sierra nevada shirt last year was pretty nice. My husband still wears it, too!

  • April Carter

    My fave freebie so far is Mattel’s Apples to Apples game!

  • Super Twit

    I’m dreaming of a win! Probably just a dream though…

  • Antje

    Hi, Thanks for this great giveaway. And you make me laugh whenever I read your posts! Keep it up…

  • Tina

    I love Hey It’s Free and all the Free stuff I get, weird, but I love free toothpaste samples.

  • abigail Suazo

    I cannot thank you enough for starting this Hey its FRee. You have allowed me and my family to get sooo many goodies and freebies. It has been a lifesaver for me my family and my parents. I thankyou sooo much. Also God bless you and your family as I know you went through an ordeal that you survived Halleluyah!!!! The best i would say are free perfume, free points to kellogs and sreccylem pampers disney the list goes on and on free food, free wow I cannot even thin of the thousands of items that I have received because of you. Thankyou again soo much!!!!

  • Paige Elizabeth Taylor Waldron

    Goob you really are the best, thank you! I think the best freebie I ever got is all of the p&g samples and target beautybags

  • Katlin Kotter

    My favorite freebie was a cereal dispenser.

  • P Serena H

    The target beauty bags!

  • Melizerd

    What an amazing fun idea! I love the freebies I’ve gotten from HIF!!

  • Karen

    the best freebies i got were 2 full size lip balms and a bronzer/blush

  • Gwen Girty

    My best freebie ever was a Logitech remote – that was until my kids cracked the screen on it. I’m also a fan of the Target goodie bag freebies.

  • Margaret

    The best thing was a magazine subscription that I got for my daughter.

  • Katie Grant

    Suhweet! :)

  • Council Council

    My favor freebie was a 1000 gift card that help ,me out for the holiday last years