Free Martha Stewart Living Magazine Subscription

There's a new free Martha Stewart Living magazine subscription offer available from RewardsGold. I guess nothing says living like making a table centerpiece out of pine cones and potpourri.

As it's been since 2011, the short survey you have to take is on breakfast food reviews. It still makes no sense and it still only has to be 25 words long, so have fun with it. They really don't care what you write.

Now that I think about it, this free Martha Stewart Living subscription will be the closest I'll ever get to having a home makeover. Although I'm not sure I'd actually want Martha Stewart to show up at my house one day. Something tells me she'd get one look at my bedroom and have a heart attack. What?! It's not my fault there's an inch of dirty clothes on the ground and the old pizza in the trash can is only days away from becoming sentient.

What's that? Oh, it is my fault? Whatever, you can either keep standing there playing the Blame Game or partake in a much more important game of Help Goob Find His Keys. It's not the snow's fault I've been stuck in my house for the past few days, if you know what I'm saying.